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5k, 10k, Half

Triple: Do all three events back-to-back-to-back, start times are staggered to allow you to finish before the next event. 

March 2nd, 2024





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All website information has been updated below. NEW MAPS BELOW.

We need a few more VOLUNTEERS.

Live results will be here: TROT WEBSCORER. Do not inquire about live result discrepancies. Instructions will be sent post-event once all data has been transferred to UltraSignup.

Mandatory: Bring your own hydration device, we are cupless racing company, we supply the coolers with water, Gatorade, and Base Performance - you supply the cup/bottle/flask/etc.


You must run with a hydration device (unmanned water refill at the halfway road crossing, full aid station at the start/finish). 

PARKING: Parking will be on the park roadway on the righthand side only, follow directons of the park staff. Parking will begin at the entrance of the start/finish line lot and fill back from there. Expect a short walk to the event site along the roadway. Do not park on the grass unless instructed. Do not park in campsites/RV sites unless you have reserved online.

Portable toilets will be available at the start/finish in addition to park washrooms and showers. Ice and soda available for purchase at the main washroom and the park HQ.

PARK PASSES: Are included in runner registration. All guests 13 and older need a special events park pass (annual State Park Passes are not accepted during the event). Please pre-purchase via the TROT online store and show proof at packet pickup for wrist bands. Park attendants may ask at time of arrival, please show digital receipt or registration. Do not stop at the park HQ for park passes, proceed directly to parking.

WEATHER: We are expecting partly cloudy skies with temperatures beginning the in the mid-50's and peaking in the mid-70's. Be prepared for warm and humid conditions by adequately hydrating before, during, and after as well as adjusting your race day pacing plan a little slower than the more optimal training conditions we have had the past few weeks.

ZERO LITTERING POLICY: The only place to put your garbage is inside a trash can at the start/finish/aid station area. DO NOT leave trash on the trail, next to course markings, etc. You will be disqualified for littering. Large items in the personal area should be taken home with you. If you brought it, bring it home. Pack it in, pack it out.

POST RACE: Free pictures will be loaded to the TROT Facebook Page by Friday the week after the event. Results will be transferred from WebScorer to UltraSignup with a form for reporting any discrepancies. Please do not inquire about results or photos before Friday the week after the event. We will resolve all issues in due time. Volunteers will reciece a credit tracking form and will be able to request race credits via the online form.

Event Description

The San Felipe Shootout is a unique race format in which participants can choose to do all three of our events during the day for The Triple Challenge. Starting with the 5k, followed by the 10k, and finishing with the Half Marathon - the faster you run, the more recovery you have between events (but the more tired you may be), some strategy involved in completing the 22.4 miles total! Runners can also choose any one or two events.


Stephen F Austin State Park is located a short drive West of Houston/Katy off of I-10 making for a great single-day event. The trails are rated EASY, primarily single-track on soft ground, pine needles, some gravel, or soft clay. The trails can become very sticky when wet. There is little to no elevation gain with only a few small rollers along the course. 

The start/finish is at the group dining hall with a large grass area for family, friends, and personal aid setups - bring a chair, team tent, blanket, cooler, etc.

2024 Schedule


3:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Packet Pickup at the SFASP Dining Hall Start/Finish Line

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM: Trail Briefing with Race Director Cal Neff at Start Line



6 AM - 10:30 AM: Packet Pickup at the SFASP Dining Hall Start/Finish Line




The Shootout runners MUST start each race at the time stated above. 



Shootout competitors must complete each race before the next one begins and must start each race at the corresponding start time.

The finish line will close to all participants at 3 PM.

Dropdown & Event Change

You may change your registered event during open registration on UltraSignup per the TROT policies during open registration. Go to your registration on UltraSignup and change the distance or remove yourself if you can no longer make the event to avoid DNS status.

Aid Station and Support

We will have one fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish line.

Runners may set up their own support area in the finish lawn area, behind the official TROT Aid Station, for extended rest periods, personal gear, and preferences for food and hydration.

Aid Station Items (subject to change/while quantities last):

  • Fluids: Water, Ice, Gatorade, and Base Performance

  • Soda: Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange.

  • Electrolytes: Base Performance and Table Salt

  • Bars: Base Performance Bars

  • Sweet: Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

  • Salty: Pringles, Trail Mix, Chips 

  • Food: Sandwiches (PB&J, Nutella, PB, etc), fruit (bananas and oranges)

  • Medical: Bandages, Vasoline, Band Aids (limited), etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) , Feminine Care Products

  • Wildsense Goods at all aid stations with tape 

  • Other: Cooling bucket, Gatoritas (hot weather), and other surprises!


We will have everything you need at our aid stations and usually throw in something extra at each event to make it fun. It's not uncommon to see cakes, pies, watermelons, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!

Aid stations are for registered runners only, during the event (not before). Serving is by our volunteers and staff only. Crew members are not to use aid station supplies. Runners and crew are encouraged to have their own supply, especially for particular items or certain diet requirements.

Drop Bags

Runners may use their own personal area to access gear between loops and events. Please cross the finish line (lap) then you are free to do your business before heading back out on course (no need to go back through the arch).

Pacers & Crew

This event does not allow pacers or crew, due to the short course loops and multiple events you will not be lonely out there! Friends and family are encouraged to hang out in the start/finish area

Passes, Parking, and Camping

Every person 13yo and up entering the park will require a special events State Park pass for the weekend which includes park entry and trail use. Annual passes are not valid for special events. This fee goes directly to the State Park. Receipt of digital payment should be shown at packet pickup in exchange for wristbands to be worn for the weekend. You may pick up pre-purchased wristbands for others with a digital receipt. 

Private camping, RV spots, and screen shelters can be booked directly with the park via their online camping reservation system or by phone and will count for your event pass, please show reservation at packet pickup to receive a wristband.


*Volunteers will receive a complimentary wristband.

Parking: There will be NO parking at the Start/Finish Dining Hall parking lot, this is for staff, handicap passes, and emergencies only. Parking will begin along the road on the RIGHT SIDE ONLY as directed by park staff, and will backfill from the back of the park to the front and into overflow as needed. You will be ticketed and/or towed for parking illegally or obstructing any roadway. Follow the guidance of the park staff and leave lots of time to park and get to the start area. We recommend arriving 1h before your event.

Course Road Crossing: This is a mandatory stop sign for all vehicles. Failing to stop, yield to runners, or speeding in the park is subject to park police tickets and race disqualification.


Recover Brands:

Trail Racing Over Texas Run Race Running Shootout


Medals for each distance, Shootout receives all three!

SFA Shootout 2024.png


All events start and finish at the group dining hall in the back of the park.

Each loop finishes by coming up the stairs and through the arch. You are then free to go to the aid station, toilets, personal area, etc. before starting your next loop by heading out the same way you started, down the stairs, or waiting for the next race to begin (The Triple). If you finish, collect your medal at the finish line.

5k: Single Loop (blue flags)

10k: Two 5k Loops (blue flags)

Half Marathon: One 5k loops with Add-on (yellow flags), Finish with three standard 5k loops. 


Earn future race credits, race swag, free park pass, food, and volunteer hours (as needed). Club support options are available as well for team aid station takeovers.

See more info on our volunteer page: VOLUNTEER WITH TROT


The Friends of Stephen F. Austin State Park was founded in 1980 as The Friends of Stephen F. Austin State Historical Park.  When the Texas Historical Commission took ownership of the Historical Park along the banks of The Brazos River the Friends Group remained connected only to the State Park.  The early Friends Group was responsible for many park fundraisers which benefited Stephen F. Austin tremendously.  Many of the projects funded by the early Friends Group are still visible in the park today.  

Today's Friends Group is a rejuvenated group of inspired individuals who collectively have a vision to help Stephen F. Austin State Park in achieving its goals and objectives to the community.  The group is made up of individuals, families, and businesses as well as park volunteers.  The primary purpose is the raise funds to augment projects and needs for the park by following the outline of our mission statement.

Trail Racing Over Texas donates a portion of all proceeds to the Friends of the Park and you can increase that donation during registration or the link below.


Red Bull Wings for Life Gives You Wings Trail Race Running Ultra Texas
Pickle Juice
Base Performance
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