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6H, 12HR, 24HR, 48HR, 72HR AND 100HR





Event Description

The Jackalope Jam is a 6hr, 12hr, 24hr, 48hr, 72hr and 100hr timed event format where you record the greatest distance possible during your chosen duration.

We have also added a 4 x 4 x 48h Challenge, see below details. 


Every participant receives a medal in addition to buckles earned for completing 100 kilometers or more. The race is at sea level at 7IL Ranch. The loop will be exactly 2 miles (1 mile out/back and on a short grass/small gravel farm road). There will be one main aid station fully stocked with our standard Texas-sized ultra support at the start/finish. Runners are also encouraged to set up their own tent and support area along the course line. It is common for runners to take long rest breaks or even leave and return later to complete more miles. Only fully complete laps will count toward your distance. Completing 100km or up will receive a buckle. Medals for all distances.

2024 Schedule

Wednesday, February 14

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Packet Pickup
9:00 AM: 100-Hour Race Start

Thursday, February 15

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Packet Pickup
9:00 AM: 72-Hour Race Start

Friday, February 16

7:00 AM - 7:00 PM: Packet Pickup
9:00 AM: 48-Hour Race Start

4:00 PM: 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge Start

Saturday, February 17

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM: Packet Pickup
9:00 AM: 24-hour, 12-hour, and 6-hour Start
3:00 PM: 6hr Race Finish
9:00 PM: 12hr Race Finish

Sunday, February 18

9:00 AM: 72-hour, 48-hour, and 24-hour Races Finish

12:00 PM: 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge Final Lap Start

1:00 PM: 100-hour Race Finish


Only fully completed laps will be counted toward your distance. The final lap must be completed BEFORE the Race Finish per the above schedule, based on the event you are registered.

4 x 4 x 48 Challenge

You can now sign up for the 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge where you run 4 miles, every 4 hours, for 48 hours. You do not need to do every single "lap" at the event, join from home or join us on course with aid station support and camping.

The Challenge starts Friday, February 16, 2024 at 4:00:00?PM with a new lap every 4 hours, starting the final lap Sunday, February 18, 2024 at 12:00:00?PM (Noon) to finish up with our Jackalope Jam 100h runners (finish line closes at 1 PM).

We will have a selection of TROT and event shirts available where we will be putting "4 x 4 x 48" on the back for you as well as a participation medal. These can be collected from the event at any time (no shipping).

Dropdown & Event Change

You may change your registered event during open registration on UltraSignup per the TROT policies. Log into UltraSignup and edit your registration, this includes drop downs, "bump ups", and removing yourself from the event.

Ruck Division Rules (weighted vest)

We have no brand or system requirement as long as you carry the proper amount of weight per below guide:


Jackalope LIGHT

If You Are Under 150 lbs.:

  • 10 LB Ruck Plate (or equivalent)

  • or 2 wrapped bricks

  • or 10 LB Filler Bag

If You Are 150 lbs. and Over:

  • 20 LB Ruck Plate (or equivalent)

  • or 4 wrapped bricks

  • or 20 LB Filler Bag

Jackalope HEAVY

If You Are Under 150 lbs.:

  • 20 LB Ruck Plate (or equivalent)

  • or 4 wrapped bricks

  • or 20 LB Filler Bag

If You Are 150 lbs. and Over:

  • 30 LB Ruck Plate (or equivalent)

  • or 6 wrapped bricks

  • or 30 LB Filler Bag

Aid Station and Support

We will have one fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish line.

There will be a timing tent, an aid station tent, and a medical treatment area.

Runners should set up their own support area along the course line for extended rest periods, personal gear, and preferences for food and hydration. Note that vehicles parked along the course will not be able to move till Sunday at 1 PM, this includes vehicle loading/unloading. Those wishing to leave earlier can park in the large field area which is open to in/out traffic as needed.

Aid Station Items (subject to change/while quantities last):

  • Fluids: Water, Ice, Gatorade, and Base Performance

  • Soda: Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange.

  • Electrolytes: Base Performance and Table Salt

  • Bars: Base Performance Bars

  • Sweet: Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

  • Salty: Pringles, Trail Mix, Chips 

  • Food: Sandwiches (PB&J, Nutella, PB, etc), Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas and oranges)

  • Medical: Bandages, Vasoline, Band Aids (limited), etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) , Feminine Care Products

  • Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape 

  • Cooking (evening only): Grilled Cheese, Quesadillas, Soup, Noodles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Ramen, Potatoes, and other "fun ultra concoctions".

  • Other: Cooling bucket, Gatoritas (hot weather), and other surprises!


We will have everything you need at our aid stations and usually throw in something extra at each event to make it fun. It's not uncommon to see cakes, pies, watermelons, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!

Aid stations are for registered runners only, during the event (not before). Serving is by our volunteers and staff only. Crew members are not to use aid station supplies. Runners and crew are encouraged to have their own supply, especially for particular items or certain diet requirements.

Drop Bags

We will have a ground tarp at the Start/Finish area for drop bags but runners are encouraged to set up their own area along the course line - bring a tent, tarp, chairs, supplies, etc. 

Pacers & Crew

This event does not allow pacers, due to the short course and multiple events you will not be lonely out there! Friends are encouraged to register themselves and join the course as they wish.

Crew should only assist their runners in the start/finish area and first 400m of the course (to the farm gate) in the runners' tent area. Crew is not allowed beyond 400m on the course.

Passes, Parking, and Camping

All individuals 12 years or older (includes athlete/crew/pacer/spectator/etc.*) entering 7IL Ranch are required to purchase a $10 Park Pass good for all days/nights. This fee goes directly to the landowner. A wristband will be issued once your order is confirmed at the check-in table located at packet pickup, or the main event tent once the race begins (for later arrivals). This covers trail access, parking, bathrooms and showers, and primitive camping for the entire week. Come and go as you please.

RV sites are limited and must be reserved directly with 7IL Ranch here.


*Volunteers will receive a complimentary wristband.


*If you booked an RV site with 7IL Ranch, your reservation only covers one person at that site, all others will need to pay an entrance fee.


Jackalope Jam shirts for 6h, 12h, and volunteers. Hoodies for 24h+ runners.

Jackalop Jam Ultra Marathon Trail 4 x 4 x 48 Hour Challenge Goggins 2024
Jackalop Jam Ultra Marathon Trail 4 x 4 x 48 Hour Challenge Goggins 2024


Medal for every runner. Buckles (one per person) at milestones: 100k, 100mi, 150mi, 200mi, 250mi, 300mi. Bonus patches for ruckers.

Jackalop Jam Ultra Marathon Trail 4 x 4 x 48 Hour Challenge Goggins 2024 6h 12h 24h 48h 72h 100h Ruck Race Texas
Jackalop Jam Ultra Marathon Trail 4 x 4 x 48 Hour Challenge Goggins 2024 6h 12h 24h 48h 72h 100h Ruck Race Texas

Runners will receive one buckle based on their total distance: 100k Buckle (100k to 99.99mi), 100mi Buckle (100mi to 149.99mi), 150mi Buckle (150mi to 199.99mi), 200mi Buckle, 250mi Buckle, etc.



The course heads North along the dirt/grass/gravel farm road 1mi (wheeled accurate distance) to "The Cone of Death" turn-around and back for a 2mi "lap". All runners must stay to the right side of the trail and go around the cone and through the arch for a complete lap to count. Do not come through the start/finish area if you are not completing a lap. If you leave the course line you must return at the point you left. If there is any confusion about accidentally recording a partial lap, please speak with the RD immediately to correct the result. 

Main parking and camping for all events will be on the main field (green area below) behind the start/finish line. Do not stop or park along the driveway or in front of the start/finish area. 100h parking and camping is available along the first 200m of the course line (orange area) but note that you will likely be unable to move your vehicle until Sunday when the event is complete. You may carry/wagon gear in and out if you prefer to park in the main area.

Our race venue is 7IL Ranch, just outside of Cat Spring. The nearest towns with stores are Bellville and Sealy. The access road, Mill Creek Rd, and the ranch driveway are both gravel. It is common for farm traffic, animals, runners/cyclists, and Sunday will have the Houston Rodeo trail riders - drive slow! If you are too tired to drive, this can be as dangerous as drinking and driving, please rest at the ranch or ask for help.

Every person entering the ranch is required to purchase a pass. Check your UltraSignup registration for the add-on and if it is not currently purchased you will need to purchase it at the UltraSignup event store prior to arriving for check-in. Additional passes are required for friends, family, crew, etc. (volunteers receive complimentary passes).


Included with your pass; primitive camping, ranch washrooms with showers, parking, and land use for the entire week Tuesday afternoon through Monday. This is a pass-through fee direct to the landowner. Please respect the land, leave no trace, leave gates as found, do not bend or go over fences (go around), and drive respectfully. The barn stalls and horse training areas are off-access. RV hookup spots can be booked directly with 7IL here and includes your park pass.


Earn future race credits, race swag, free park pass, food, and volunteer hours (as needed). Club support options are available as well for team aid station takeovers.

See our Volunteer Signup Page.




Q: Can I go to the car/bathroom/store/tent/etc. during the event?
A: Yes, please complete your lap and you are free to do as you please before returning to the course where you left. Avoid the timing area when starting your next lap (speak with RD). Please use the porta-potties at the start/finish or the washrooms at the barn for doing "your business".

Q: Where can I charge my phone/watch etc.

A: At the main barn and washroom area. BYO plug/charger.

Q. Can I have a pacer or crew on the course?

A: No, we do not allow pacers at this event. Crew must assist you in the crew/aid/personal tent area (before the gate on course).


Q. Can I leave the event before my time is up?

A. Yes, please check out with the RD prior to leaving to collect your race medal. There is no DNF recorded in a time format race, just your cumulative distance is recorded.

Q. Do I receive more than one buckle?

A. Runners will receive one buckle based on their total distance: 100k Buckle (100k to 99.99mi), 100mi Buckle (100mi to 149.99mi), 150mi Buckle (150mi to 199.99mi), 200mi Buckle, 250mi Buckle, etc.

Q. Can I use the showers at the ranch?

A. Yes, your pass includes full washroom/shower access. We will have porta-potties at the start/finish area as well.


Q. Can I camp at the ranch?

A. Yes, your pass includes camping Tuesday night through Monday morning. RV spots must be booked with 7IL directly. Hotels and Airbnb's are available in Bellville and Sealy nearby.

Q. Will there be a food truck?

A. Yes, the food truck will be near the start/finish with food available for purchase Friday and Saturday (at a minimum).

Q. Do I need to Ruck with a certain brand of vest or pack?

A. No, as long as you are carrying the correct amount of weight per our Ruck Division event guide you can wear any type of shouldered vest or pack.


Q. Can I have a drop bag?

A. Yes, if you do not use your own personal/team tent or vehicle you are welcome to set a small bag or tote down in the designated tarp area at the start/finish. Alternatively, you can find space on either side of the first 200m of the course line. No gear or any other aid will be distributed on the course.

Q. What happens if I litter, damage property, leave personal items, or am being disrespectful to any of the event staff or participants?

A. Any inappropriate behavior that goes against TROT community or event rules & guidelines and the individual will be asked to leave, risk disqualification, and ban from TROT events.


Q. Where can I view live results?

A. The main Jackalope Jam event page and social media will be updated with the link for live results once available.

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