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Event Description

This is our nighttime party race just West of Houston at SFA State Park!

The trails are wide and mainly gravel/dirt with a few quick elevation changes but a great trail run for beginner to advanced. 

All runners will need both a light and hydration device as mandatory equipment. The trail will be marked with reflectors and ribbons. We are a cupless race so you must carry your own bottle/flask.

Follow park instructions for parking along the right side of the park road, starting at the group dining hall event area and filling back from there. 

The group dining hall is where all the action happens; packet pickup, start/finish, spectator hang out lawn with runners personal area, and our main aid station. A second water refill will be available at halfway at the road crossing.

Extra lights and costumes are encouraged! 

2024 Tentative Schedule

 Saturday, September 14th

Packet Pickup 4 PM-8:30 PM

6 PM Start of 26.2M

7:00 PM Start of 13.1 M

7:30 PM Start of 10k

8:00 PM Start of 5k


The finish line cutoff is 2 AM for ALL distances. 

Dropdown & Event Change

You may change your registered event during open registration on UltraSignup per the TROT policies.

Aid Station and Support

We will have one fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish line and one water refill point (unmanned) at the road crossing, about halfway around the course.

There will be a timing tent, an aid station tent, and a medical treatment area at the group dining hall (same location as packet pickup).

Runners should set up their own support area in the start/finish area lawn for extended rest periods, personal gear, and preferences for food and hydration. This area, just above the stair case climb, is also a great spot for spectators.

Aid Station Items (subject to change/while quantities last):

  • Fluids: Water, Ice, Gatorade, and Base Performance

  • Soda: Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange.

  • Electrolytes: Base Performance and Table Salt

  • Bars: Base Performance Bars

  • Sweet: Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

  • Salty: Pringles, Trail Mix, Chips 

  • Food: Sandwiches (PB&J, Nutella, PB, etc), Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas and oranges)

  • Medical: Bandages, Vasoline, Band Aids (limited), etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) , Feminine Care Products

  • Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape 

  • Cooking (evening only): Grilled Cheese, Quesadillas, Soup, Noodles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Ramen, Potatoes, and other "fun ultra concoctions".

  • Other: Cooling bucket, Gatoritas (hot weather), and other surprises!


We will have everything you need at our aid stations and usually throw in something extra at each event to make it fun. It's not uncommon to see cakes, pies, watermelons, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!

Aid stations are for registered runners only, during the event (not before). Serving is by our volunteers and staff only. Crew members are not to use aid station supplies. Runners and crew are encouraged to have their own supply, especially for particular items or certain diet requirements.

Drop Bags

We will have a ground tarp at the Start/Finish area for drop bags but runners are encouraged to set up their own in the start/finish lawn area - bring a tent, tarp, chairs, supplies, etc. 

Pacers & Crew

This event does not allow pacers, due to the short course and multiple events you will not be lonely out there! Friends are encouraged to register themselves and join the course as they wish.

Crew should only assist their runners in the start/finish area.

Passes, Parking, and Camping

Required for all individuals entering the park. Money collected goes directly to Texas State Parks. Since this is a special event, annual Texas State Park Passes are not valid. Each pass is good for one individual, you will receive a wristband upon check-in that must be worn while in the park. Camping is separate and can be reserved on the TSP online reservation system. 12 and under are free.


*Volunteers will receive a complimentary wristband.


*If you booked a campsite with the park you will receive wristbands


Night Moves Trail Race Run Marathon Texas Houston 5k 10k Half
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The event will be held at Stephen F Austin State Park in San Felipe, just West of Houston on I-10. There is only one park entrance on the south side, you will then proceed along the park road following park staff instructions for parking on the right side of the roadway, beginning at the group dining hall entrance and filling back. Drive slow in the park! We have a road crossing on a blind corner that will be supervised by park police, slow down!

The event is headquartered from the group dining hall, this is where you can pick up packet, and set up a personal area on the lawn. This is also our start, finish, and lap area with the main aid station, timing, and medals. 

The loop is the same for all events, starting with the red loop followed by the blue loop for just over 5km total. Slight adjustments may be made for accurate distances. The course will have both flags and reflective markings (be sure to have your own light). Signage will be posted for any additional information. 

You do not come through the aid station after finishing the blue loop, however there is a water refill (unmanned) at around halfway, at the road crossing.

At the end of the blue loop you climb the staircase and follow the course around the dining hall to complete your lap before the aid station. If you are done you collect your medal, otherwise, head back out to repeat the course for your next lap once you are ready.

Note that the Marathon and Half Marathon will complete the green add-on trail (Barred Owl Trail) for the first two loops of the marathon, and only the first loop of the half marathon.

1 Loop = Red then Blue (see map below) 5km

Marathon = 8 Loops with Green Add-on Lap One and Lap Two

Half Marathon = 4 Loops with Green Add-on Lap One

10k = 2 Loops

5k = 1 Loop



Earn future race credits, race swag, free park pass, food, and volunteer hours (as needed). Club support options are available as well for team aid station takeovers.

See more info on our volunteer page: VOLUNTEER WITH TROT

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