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Since the family of TROT is growing and the appeal of getting a TROT tattoo is here, we have made it a club. The club has a few rules and a few perks as well set forth by the President (and founding member) Rob Goyen.

Rules to Qualify:

  1. The tattoo of the TROT logo can be color or Black/Grey

  2. The tattoo has to be at LEAST 3" x 3"

  3. You must be willing to show it to us yearly.

What you get in return:

  1. You will get ONE FREE INDIVIDUAL RACE ENTRY every year into a TROT race of your choice. The race is a 100 miler/24-hour race or shorter. 200 miles, 48-hour races, camps, etc do not apply

  2. You will have your name and tattoo posted on this page

(email photo to


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