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OCTOBER 19th, 2024 AT 7 AM

7IL Ranch, Cat Spring, Texas (~1h West of Houston)



Event Description

Back for year two, The Big Tex Backyard is a "last runner standing" format event with a 4.17 mile "yard" starting every hour, on the hour, until there is only one remaining. Standard backyard format rules will apply (see below details)

We will again be competing simultaneously, head-to-head, against Laz's Big Dog's Backyard Ultra which starts at the exact same time in Tennessee.

All participants will receive a Big Tex hoodie, a special participant giveaway, and fully stocked aid station support. Runners completing 24 yards will receive a 100mi buckle. The winner will win a dollar for every mile they run and the seconder will win a dollar for every yard they finish!**

**Overall Cash Prize Rules: Overall winner, per backyard rules, must complete one more yard than everyone else (otherwise no winner). No seconder payout if more than one seconder.

2024 Tentative Schedule

Friday, October 18th

Personal Tent/Aid Setup at 7IL Ranch in designated area (see below)

Saturday, October 19th


6 - 7 AM Bib Pickup at 7IL Ranch

7 AM Start

Finish TBD! At the completion of your run you can pickup your finishers hoodie and special award.

Backyard Format Rules

The Backyard format is simple: 100 miles divided into 24 hours give you 4.167 miles for a "yard" (lap). Every hour, on the hour, a new yard will start and you must finish within the hour and be back in the starting corral for the next one to stay in the run. Complete as many as you can, last runner standing wins.


Runners and crew will be able to set up a personal area with chairs, tents, etc. around the start/finish course-line area for personal aid, gear, and rest between yards (not during).

We will give a 3-minute, 2-minute, and 1-minute warning to be inside the starting corral for the next yard.

All runners are required to be in the starting corral before the top of the hour.


Failure to line up in the starting corral will result in the disqualification of the runner. Participants must start a new yard at the sound, and continue out on the course (not back to their tent, etc.).

Once you are on the course, you are not allowed any aid from your crew or any other individual. No non-competitors on the course (including eliminated runners). Except for restrooms, competitors may not leave the course until each loop is completed. Runners are responsible for their own aid on the course (carried with them). You must be on and stay on the course unless you need to use the bathroom.

No artificial aids (including trekking poles) are allowed.

Once you complete the yard, and assuming you have finished within the hour, you may use the bathroom, eat, drink, sleep, ponder the next yard, etc., but you MUST be back in the start corral at the beginning of the hour to continue into the next hour’s yard.

Runners will continue until ONE runner completes a FINAL lap. (i.e. If there are two runners left and one does not complete the loop, then the one that completed the loop will be declared the winner).

No pacers whatsoever.

You must checkout with the race director once you can not complete a yard or decide not to begin the next yard.

Live tracking will be online (stay tuned for link).

The TROT volunteers and crew will provide aid at the start/finish line. See the volunteer tab (once available) to signup to help out and earn TROT race credits and more.

TROT has reserved RV sites 14-18 for general runner tent/chair support setup (no parking, RV's, etc.) Book your own RV spot here.

7IL Big Tex Backyard Map

Aid Station and Support

We will have one fully stocked aid station at the Start/Finish line.

There will be a timing tent, an aid station tent, and a medical treatment area.

Runners should set up their own support area along the course line for extended rest periods, personal gear, and preferences for food and hydration.

Aid Station Items (subject to change/while quantities last):

  • Fluids: Water, Ice, Gatorade, and Base Performance

  • Soda: Coke, Ginger Ale, Orange.

  • Electrolytes: Base Performance and Table Salt

  • Bars: Base Performance Bars

  • Sweet: Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

  • Salty: Pringles, Trail Mix, Chips 

  • Food: Sandwiches (PB&J, Nutella, PB, etc), Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas and oranges)

  • Medical: Bandages, Vasoline, Band Aids (limited), etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) , Feminine Care Products

  • Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape 

  • Cooking (evening only): Grilled Cheese, Quesadillas, Soup, Noodles, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Ramen, Potatoes, and other "fun ultra concoctions".

  • Other: Cooling bucket, Gatoritas (hot weather), and other surprises!


We will have everything you need at our aid stations and usually throw in something extra at each event to make it fun. It's not uncommon to see cakes, pies, watermelons, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!

Aid stations are for registered runners only, during the event (not before). Serving is by our volunteers and staff only. Crew members are not to use aid station supplies. Runners and crew are encouraged to have their own supply, especially for particular items or certain diet requirements.

Drop Bags

We will have a group ground tarp at the Start/Finish area for drop bags but runners are encouraged to set up their own area along the course line - bring a tent, tarp, chairs, supplies, etc. 

Pacers & Crew

This event does not allow pacers, due to the backyard format rule.

Crew should only assist their runners in the start/finish area at the completion (and before the start) of each yard.

Passes, Parking, and Camping

We will have an open area for runners, crew, family, and friends to camp, park, come-and-go throughout the weekend from Friday through the end of the event. The 7IL venue fee is $10 per person for overnighting and $5 for day entry and includes all facility use. RV spots are available but need to be booked directly with 7IL here (this counts as your venue fee, please let us know at packet pickup. We will have porta-potty's around the start/finish and the washroom/shower facility at the ranch will also be available for use. 


Big Tex Backyard Hoodies can be picked up at the completion of your run. 2023 design is shown below (the new 2024 design coming soon):



Stay tuned for a new 2024 custom finisher award for all runners.

See cash prizing information above. 


2023 Version: Course is a single lap, starting and finishing at the barn pavilion. The course heads North on the Jackalope course to complete a lollipop before finishing on the West side of the ranch avoiding as much sand as possible!

Big Tex Backyard Ultra Map
Big Tex Backyard Map


Earn future race credits, race swag, free park passes, food, and volunteer hours (as needed). Club support options are available as well for team aid station takeovers. The SignUp Genius link will open around August. Since this event has an unknown finish day/time the later shifts will be tentative.

See our Volunteer Signup Page.

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