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Below you can find our TROT policies and processes for requesting changes or submitting inquiries. Please do not ask us to make exceptions or deviate from the below policies and rules. These are set in place for everyone, to ensure safe, fair, standardized service, and allow for great race experiences. While changes may seem like a simple ask, most expenses are incurred months before the event, in addition to individual insurance tied to your registration (as examples of the complexity of event management).

TROT follows, or improves upon industry-standard practices.

Deferal / Transfer Credit (to a different race)

If you can no longer run the event you registered for, we offer the below-sliding scale prior to the originally schedule race date for receiving credit to a different TROT event. We do not offer refunds, deferrals, or transfers - only future race credit. The credit will only be useable by the original registered participant and only for TROT events.  A $10 admin fee will apply to all change requests (deducted from the credit amount). Credits will be valid for two years from the original event date unless otherwise stated. Credit will be the amount paid, minus discounts and fees. Transfers are a one-time opportunity. You cannot re-transfer a previously transferred race. Once credits have been issued they are gone. This includes any credits used from volunteer credits, race credits, previous credits, or credits transferred.  The submission date will be used for calculating the credit amount.

90-days out (or more): 100% credit

30-89 days out: 75% credit

Less than 30 days: No credit

Credit requests can only be made via the below form:


To use credits you should first try and register for the event on UltraSignup and apply any available credits already in your account. If none are available you will need to submit a request via the below form. We will check our credit tracking system and respond with instructions to register.  Additional information on credits is available below, under the general guidelines section, and on our volunteer page. 

One Credit = 50% off registration for any of our events in the future.*

Two Credits = FREE 100% Comped Entry Into any one of our races in the future.*

*100-mile/24-hour races or under

Jackalope Jam can use partial credits based on below full discount:

Jackalope Jam 48 hour = 4 credits

Jackalope Jam 72 hour  = 6 credits

Jackalope Jam 100hr = 8.5 credits

Note that group/club/team-organized volunteer packages may have a different benefit agreement, please inquire to see how TROT can partner with your group to mutually support each other. Group benefits can include donations, entries, discounts, etc. 

Transfer (to another person)

We do not offer or allow tranfer of bibs (registration) from one person to another. Runners caught using a different bib will be listed as a DQ (disqualified), in addition to receiving a TROT race ban for both the runner and original bib owner, and face potential event/venue trespassing or other legal implications. If an event is sold out, please follow the event-specific instructions for wait-list. Spots open up as athletes remove themselves from the event, in this case, it is possible to coordinate registration timing with a friend.


You may change to a shorter event distance via UltraSignup during open registration. No refunds or credits will be provided for “dropping down” in race distance.

To go "up" in distance you will need to register for the longer event (following the deferral policy for original registration).

We cannot change your distance at any time if the race you are wanting to move to is full. Request to dropdown must be made during open registration. All dropdowns made after the start of the event will be listed as DNF in the results.

Special Event Venue Fee's

Trail events across the world are held at the most amazing parks and landscapes, showcasing the ones we have here in Texas is part of our TROT mission. These venues typically require all entrants to purchase an individual pass. At State Parks, while many of us have and are encouraged to have an annual pass, Texas State Park Annual Passes are not valid during "special events". Specific information on any required passes will be available on the race site and registration system. In some cases, camping is included but you should check directly with the venue for camp or RV reservations. Please check pass requirements and purchase prior to arriving at the venue to save time and have yours (including friends, family, pacers, and crew) ready ahead of time. You will be required to wear your wristband or race bib while at the race location. Mandatory venue add-ons as part of your registration are non-refundable.


There are no refunds for race registration.

General TROT Rules & Guidlelines

  • The Race Director has the ultimate decision on any and all matters (unless a USATF official is present in regards to enforcing USATF rules). This includes “pulling” or removal of a participant from the event for the purpose of safety, based on the race director’s observations of the runner’s health, condition, and physical or mental state.

  • Any runner caught cheating - by gaining an unfair advantage by any means (course cutting, not covering the entirety of the course under your own power, etc.), will receive a DQ status and lifetime ban from TROT races. Evidence may be requested post-race if your race result is in question. All matters, protests, and incident reports will be handled in a private and professional matter between the individuals involved, the race director, and any law enforcement (as required).

  • Any participant that disrespects the volunteers, staff, or other runners will be banned from our races permanently. This also includes any incidents with the park, police, or wildlife in the parks.

  • Littering: Any runner found discarding garbage anywhere other than a designated trash container will be subject to DQ and removal from the event. This includes leaving personal areas in a mess. TROT is strict about the Leave No Trace policy. A reminder that all TROT races are cupless, you must carry your own hydration container at all times.

  • Race apparel, "swag", and finisher items: At registration, you may have an option of an apparel item AND/OR other race items both included or with extra charges. You are responsible for the selection, including sizing or other options available. This can NOT be changed at packet pickup as orders are made months in advance based on your selection. Post-event exchanges or purchases of race items may be made available. Registrations made within 4 weeks of the event could potentially be offered alternative items or sizes based on availability or delayed receipt of items due to lengthening lead time on production. TROT does its best to forecast registration numbers. 

  • If you are found to be bib selling, bib transferring, or bandit running our races without permission/consent we will ban both you and the person you bought or transferred the bib from. Our insurance states that YOU signed a waiver and you are running our races, not anyone else. 

  • Performance Enhancing Drug, Techniques, and Doping - Trail Racing Over Texas has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on allowing any person convicted of doping to participate in our races. We believe in a Clean Sport and those who have tested positive for banned substances or methods will not be allowed to run our races.​​

  • Gun Time (not chip time) will be used for Awards and Results. Late starters will also have gun time used for official results.

  • DNF/Dropdown Policy: In addition to the above "Dropdown" section. Runners starting a race but not finishing the intended distance will be listed as a DNF at the bottom of the results for their registered distance, with an indication of the furthest timed checkpoint they reached.  Runners may not be “dropped down” to a shorter distance once they start a race, and will not appear as finishers of the shorter distance.  This ensures a fair event where runners know their competition, and cannot be lowered in place by a runner dropping down in distance.  Runners may switch distances before the start of their race and will be eligible as a finisher in that event.

  • Cutoffs: Finishline closure and mid-race checkpoint cutoff times will be event specific. These are based on realistic pace calculations of being able to complete the event in the allotted time for our permit to be at the venue with respect for our staff, the venue, the general public, and our volunteers' time. The Race Director has the ultimate decision at any time for a participant to not continue on course. While it is one of the most difficult discussions as a race director to have it is out of respect for all our participants and volunteers to follow the cutoff times. Participants that do not make cutoffs will be listed as DNF in the official results. 

  • Dogs are NOT allowed on the course or at any of our event areas, start/finish, aid stations, check-in, etc. We love dogs just like most of you but it is a confusing environment and energy for them, we have seen the best of dogs act abnormally and not everyone is comfortable with dogs. 

  • Pacers may only be on foot and must have checked in, signed a waiver, and received an official pacing bib. Anyone receiving assistance from a pacer on a bike, or another form of transportation, or caught having someone muling (carrying runners' gear/nutrition, etc.) for them will be disqualified. Anyone who is being paced by someone in a race that does not allow pacers, or pacing too early in the race, will be disqualified. Pacers in almost all cases at trail races do NOT start with their runners, designated start distances for pacers will be detailed for each event. Pacers should only begin with their runners from these designated locations (ex. start of a loop). In some cases, USATF/WA rules may apply for championship divisions allowing only for a "safety runner" and no pacer, applicable athletes will be made aware ahead of time

  • Crew rules and instructions will be provided per event. Typically, crews should only access/support their athletes within a designated zone around (not in) our aid stations (no mid-way on the course). This is to avoid any confusion around unfair advantage/assistance - USATF rules read that runners should not accept any aid outside of designated aid stations unless from another runner that is at the same point in the race. Aid stations and supplies (including ice and water) are to be handled by our official volunteers directly to runners only.

  • Event Cancelation: Safety is our number one priority at TROT. We spend many months planning events to be held under all conditions unless life-threatening or unmanageable. TROT, venue management, emergency management, as well as city, county, state, and national health & safety administrations have the authority to delay or cancel events prior to or during the actual event. These decisions will come as close to the event as possible to ensure the most accurate information. Alerts will be made via your registration email, social media, and in some circumstances via phone text/call. If you do not hear anything assume the event is happening as planned. Not only are the individual runners' safety taken into account for these decisions but other factors, such as mass public safety and the resources available to respond in the event of many different scenarios. TROT will do its best to reschedule or come up with a fair resolution for our runners in the event of cancellation but registration fees will not be refunded as the vast majority of our work and expenses have been expended.

  • No Shows: Race packets that are not collected during the designated packet pickup times for the event will be forfeited. Entries, venue-pass, and swag are not refundable or available for future credit. Holds and shipping is not available. Once the event has started, if you have not been removed from the event, you will be listed as DNS.

  • Discounts: TROT tries to keep registration fees standardized for all participants and avoid price increases or discount rates. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. 

  • Credits: Previous credits from canceled races, changed races, discount credits, and/or volunteer credits are only eligible for use on solo-style races that are hosted on UltraSignup by Trail Racing Over Texas. Credits can not be used for remote/virtual events, relays, or events not hosted on UltraSignup or by TROT. All credits, including promotional balances, obtained prior to June 1st, 2022 will expire on May 31st, 2023 except for volunteer credits. Individuals cannot transfer more than 2 races in a calendar year no matter the circumstances. There will be no credits issued once the event date has passed. In the event of a cancellation or rescheduled, specific instructions will be sent. Other event restrictions may apply. See the above credit section to request or use credit. The credits must be earned and the request must be received at least 10 days prior to race day.

  • For relay teams; no refunds, transfers, rollovers, or credits will be provided for withdrawal.  Team members may be changed as specified by each event. It is the relay captain's responsibility to manage and collect team member fees.

  • If you are on active duty in the armed forces and are relocated, have mandatory training related to those duties, or are deployed we will issue 100% race credit if notified prior to the event. 

  • Trail Racing Over Texas follows rules, policies, guidelines, and community standards as established by governing bodies, partner organizations, and insurance and permit providers including USATF, World Athletics, IAU, ATRA, RRCA, SafeSport, Clean Sport, WADA, USADA, in addition to private event venues, local, city, county, state, and national government bodies upholding their own rules, laws, and regulations. Any participants that go against these rules or standards at a TROT event or via a TROT platform are subject to potential reporting, removal, ban, and/or legal implications.

  • Additional policy information is provided at the time of event registration and on our Site terms and conditions.

This page was last updated on February 1st, 2023


World Athletics Governing Body of Running Track Road Track Trail Ultra Mountain

Global governing body for athletics including Mountain, Ultra, Trail. Rules and guidelines that TROT follows as applicable to our events.

USATF America USA Track and Field Running Events Championships Rules Courses Running

USA governing body for athletics including Mountain, Ultra, Trail. Rules and guidelines that TROT follows as applicable to our events.

Internation Association of Ultrarunning Ultrarunning Ultra Marathon

Internation Association of Ultrarunners. Additional resources, events, rules, and regualations.

WADA World Anti Doping Agency Clean Sport Performance Enhancing Drugs

World guidlines, rules, and resources pertaining to anti-doping and use of performance enhancing drugs and methods.

WADA World Anti Doping Agency Clean Sport Performance Enhancing Drugs USADA

USA Anti-doping resource for clean sport.

Global DRO Lookup drugs and medication illegal doping athletes

Resource for athletes to lookup medications, substances, and drugs prior to use for in and out of competition regulations.

SafeSport TROT Commitment to sport free of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and misconduct.

TROT Commitment to sport free of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and misconduct.

RRCA Road Runners Club of America Community Guidlines

Road Runners Club of America - TROT commitment to community guidelines.

Don't Mess With Texas Leave No Trace Littering

TROT is committed to reducing environmental impact of our events which includes cupless racing and Leave No Trace rule.

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