Habanero Hundred

100M, 100K, 50k, 30k, 20k, 10k, and RELAY

Aug 17th-18th 2019

7il Ranch
5389 Mill Creek Rd, Cat Spring, Texas 78933

Start time: HIGH NOON

30 hour cutoff

#trailracingovertexas #HH100

The Habanero is now a 2019 UTMB Qualifier. 100M = 4 points, 100K = 2 points, and 50K = 1 point

The Habanero is now a 2019 UTMB Qualifier. 100M = 4 points, 100K = 2 points, and 50K = 1 point


SUB 24 at Habanero Hundred you win your entry fee back at the 100 miler. 

If you run the 100 miler at Habanero in a sub 24 hour time I will write you a check on the spot for your entry fee back in full. 


Live Results, Live Camera and Live Instragram Feed



Pre-Race Heat Training Advice, Tips, and Medical Plan

All runners running the 100m/100k will be asked to fill out this form in advance or at the race. 


We DO take full responsibility to make sure that all of you are safe running this race like any other race that we put on. We have a full medical plan that the USATF has accepted as well as the state of Texas in case of emergencies. We will also have medics on staff for the entire 30 hour event. 

Weigh ins for all 100m/100k runners will be done pre-race and during the event as well. The weigh ins are designed to help the runner/staff monitor your fluid levels and condition. Weighing in/out is also on a self serve or need basis. 

All aid stations, day and night, will have water, electrolytes, salt tabs, ice, ice buckets, shade, and the normal buffet of food that we always have including hot and cold foods. In addition to what we provide, you may bring drop bags to be placed at aid stations.

The course is small on purpose so that you are never more than 3.0 miles away from aid. This means if you are walking, you are just an hour from aid. You can ice up at each aid station and keep as cool as possible. We picked this park because it also has some decent cover so that you aren't always super exposed to the sun. The reason we use an out and back is so that you see people and will be able to encourage each other as the loops pile up. We picked a park that had showers within 100 feet of the start so that you can fully cool off if you want to. And while starting at noon seems really mean, it is meant to get you in the sun while you are fresh. We don't want you to have spent all day in the sun and be a zombie walking at night. You should be looking forward to really running hard when the sun is setting. 

We have some AMAZING ultrarunning volunteers that will be at the aid stations, guys and gals that have run tons of ultras, 100 miler races, and beyond. They want to help you. And these amazing volunteers might just be your best friend when the race is over.

So you as a runner will have everything at your fingertips to help you get to the finish line. When you sign up for a race (ANY race) you should know your limitations and the risks that are involved in a race. The Habanero Hundred is quite different in a few ways and I want to give you some advice to think about. 

1. A buff, a bandana, and arm sleeves can all help you stay cool. A buff dipped in water will help to keep the blood cool around your neck. You can put ice into a bandana and wrap it around your neck or head. Arm sleeves can also be stuffed with ice to keep the blood vessels in your wrists cool.

2. Cotton shirts will help to keep moisture against your skin instead of away from it. While most people think cotton is the devil because it chafes, it can help to keep moisture against the skin while you're in the sun. Your sweat will actually help to cool you. As the sun sets maybe toss on a tech shirt and change back to cotton when you start to get hot again.

3. Run within your limits. Most of you are out there heat training all the time like me and realize that hot weather makes your heart rate go up. You need to be smart while it's HOT and not be in the red when it doesn't help you. Remember 100m/100k runners, the time to attack the course is from 6:00pm-6:00am when you are out of the sunlight.

4. Electrolytes. Taking salt, salt pills, or salted items is going to be key when you run in the sun. Make sure that you are comfortable with salt water before race day. We will have hammer endurolytes, the Hammer Fizz packets, table salt, and salted items to snack on as well. 

Check out a few links below on heat training and how to stay cool.





This race is designed to put you in an extreme situation both physically and mentally, but with many comforts that you don't normally get with a big loop 100. The relay will also allow you to run with a team, friends, and family to complete this monumental task. 

The race is held at the beautiful 7IL ranch just outside of Bellville, Texas. The ranch has been open for more than 5 generations, and it was opened for public use in 1999. The facility is over 1,150 acres with water/electric and RV hookups as well. 

The Habanero Hundred is set up to start at 12:00pm, and the 30 hour cutoff will end at 6:00pm on Sunday.  All runners will have their choice of swag for the event via ultrasignup, the race will be chip timed, and we will have free pictures for all runners. There will be belt buckles for 100k/100m runners and medals for the 50k and 100M/100K relay teams. The 30k, 20k, 10k runners will have an all new Elevation Culture Medal. 


The course is a mix of single track, open meadow running and some small creek crossing along the property. The course is a non technical trail and very soft footing. The trail has been used heavily for horses over the past 150 years so the soil is soft and sandy. 

Here is a strava link for the loop --> https://www.strava.com/activities/731202661


100 mile runners will run 16 loops of 6.3 miles

100k runners will complete 10 loops of 6.3 miles

50k runners will complete 5 loops of 6.3 miles

30K runners will complete 3 loops of 6.3 miles

20k runners will complete 2 loops of 6.3 miles

10k runners will complete 1 loop of 6.3 miles

Relay Teams

Relay teams can be up to 5 people running, but can be run with 2-5 runners as a team as well. A relay runner MUST complete the full loop back to the start/finish. If a runner on a relay team starts the loop and is unable to continue the team with be DNF. The only place that an exchange can be made is at the Start/FInish. There is no order in how you must complete those loops or who completes those loops on your team. 


Habanero Hundred Media Info:

Facebook Event page--> https://www.facebook.com/events/330017167818245/

The race website with all the info, maps etc is here --> http://www.trailracingovertexas.com/habanero-hundred

The race hashtags will be #HH100 and/or #trot

The live race page will be at --> https://ultrasignup.com/live/live.htm?dtid=34421

Your entrants page is here --> https://ultrasignup.com/entrants_event.aspx?did=62617

Live Stream of the Race meeting via youtube--> https://youtu.be/AGrToqdrdDU

LIVE STREAM of the Habanero Hundred Start--> https://youtu.be/95Jmr3l-XXQ



Friday August 16th
12:00pm-7:00pm Packet Pickup @ Big White House near Restrooms
4:00pm-5:00pm Race Briefing @ Big White House near Restrooms 

Sat August 17th
9:00am-12:00pm Packet Pickup @  Start/Finish Line

HIGH NOON Race Start for 100Mile/100K Individual and Relay

12:15pm Race Start for 50k, 30k, 20k, and 10k

Sun August 18th
6:00pm Race Ends


The cutoff  is 6pm for ALL distances.



Once your race begins that is the distance you must finish to receive a medal for that distance. There is no dropping of distances during the race and you will be listed as a DNF no matter what the reason. 

Online Distance Changes Until Wednesday of Race Week. All other changes must be in person and may not be changed due to sold out distances.

  • Go to UltraSignup.

  • Log into your account.

  • Under your name and “Account Into” towards the upper right of the screen select “Registration History”

  • On the "name of this race" , to the right of the date select “Edit”

  • Under “Switch Event?” select distance to change

  • Select “Checkout” to go through the process of paying the additional $ or changing lower. There will be a small UltraSignup fee if moving up in distance. During this process you will be dropping from the old distance, so you will need to immediately finish the checkout process to be added back into the the new distance.


There will be 3 aid stations:

The Start/Finish area of each loop with a FULL AID STATION

An unmanned aid station between Start/Finish and Halfway with water & ice

The Halfway aid station which is at 3.0 miles on the loop is a FULL AID STATION


The Start/Finish and Halfway aid stations are FULL AID STATIONS and will be full stocked with Texas Style Goodies.

We will also have HOT/COLD foods all day such as potatoes,grilled cheese, quesadillas and soups. Some of the options will be vegetarian/vegan as well starting at 5pm.

(If you have specific requirements and dietary needs please feel free to bring your items and have them at the drop bag areas)

Drinks - Gatorade, Water, Hammer Heed and Instant Coffee. Hot coffee will be available in the main aid station. 

Pickle Juice (sponsor) at all manned aid stations

RED BULL will be available at both aid stations for the entire 30 hours (Sponsor)

Huge Thanks goes out to Crazy Water who is sponsoring the event. They will be providing water, have samples and well have some sparkling water as well. 

Electrolytes - Hammer Endurolytes, Actual Salt at the Aid Stations

Gels - Hammer Gels

Sweet - Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

Salty  -Pringles, Trail Mix, PB&J,Bars from Bobs Red Mill (Sponsor) and Crunchmaster Crackers (sponsor) 

PB&js, Bean burrito rolls, fruit ie bananas, oranges, seasonal fruits., hummus, avocado

Post race or during- ISOPURE (sponsor) protein packets

Medical - bandages, vaseline, band aids and TRAIL TOES (thanks to our sponsor), feminine products at both aid stations

We will have everything you need at our aid stations and we usually throw in something to make it fun.

We have done sheet cake, pies, special candies, pineapple etc… You never know what the surprise will be!


We DO NOT have cups at the aid stations for water. We do our best to limit the footprint we leave at races and on the trails, so we will not have any cups for you. We encourage all of our runners to have reusable cups, bottles, and hydration packs to carry water in.


Crew is allowed at both aid stations. For the halfway aid stations crew will need to drive to Cementary Road.

100m/100k Pacing is allowed. You may only have 1 Pacer at a time while you are running. Each pacer must sign a waiver and wear a pacing bib. 

100m runners may have a pacer once they have completed 8 loops of the course. 

100k runners may have a pacer after they have completed 5 loops of the course. 



All races and distances can have drop bags at both the start/finish area and also the mid way aid station. We will take those drop bags out to the midway station at 11:00am before the race starts. 

RUnners SWAG:


Special buffs for runners designed by Altra

Special buffs for runners designed by Altra




Habanero Hundred.jpg
unnamed (5).jpg

Finisher Awards

Buckles for all 100 mi Finishers

Buckles for all 100 km Finishers

3 time or 2 time Buckles for those who have finished the race more than 1x

Habanero Hundred ring for those who have finished the race 4 times!

Elevation Culture Medals for all 50k and 100mi/100k Relay finishers. 

Custom Elevation Culture Medals for 30k, 20k and 10k. 

If you are signed up for the 100 mile race and you DNF the race with MORE than 10 loops completed you will receive a 100k Buckle if you choose to accept it.

(you will be listed as a DNF in ultrasignup)

Winners Awards:

HH100 totee bags or glasses.

100M/100K/50k/30k/20k/10k Individuals

Top 3 Male/Female Each Distance

Top 2 Masters 50+ Male/Female Each Distance

100M/100K Relay Teams

Top 3 Each Distance


The Yellow loop is the only loop used for this race.

Parking and camping is right by the Start/Finish.


 Parking- Starting on Friday at Noon you may park past the start/finish line and setup. It will be marked but there will be signs that say RUNNER SETUP START on both sides. IF you choose to keep your car past the finish line you CANNOT move it until the race is completely over and NOT YOUR RACE the entire 30 hours. You will be able to access this area until 11am on Saturday am to drop off gear tents etc. At 11am the course will be closed for anything and everything until sunday at 6pm. Please DO NOT expect to get out if you DNF your race or if you finish early. There is over 50 acres of parking past the start/finish line in the gates hay field. You may park/camp and enjoy that area at your leisure. 


 Camping/Lodging- It is $10 per person to enter in the park except for 12 and under kiddos. Volunteers also get a free pass to camp/lodge. With the $10 you can camp friday/saturday and sunday primitive for free. The facility also has full showers and bathrooms as well to use. If you bought a camp site through 7il ranch you will get a complimentary $10 entry into the park. It is good for ONE PERSON, not your crew, 5 friends etc. This year we will be issuing red wristbands to EVERYONE in the park from friday at noon until sunday at 6pm. Runners will get one with their bibs, children 12 and under get one and everyone who paid 7il for a RV reservation will have one. Everyone else will need to pay $10 for the wristband and wear it. We have always had people who come in at night, pace late etc and dont pay the $10 which goes to the land owner. While David is an amazing host its our duty to make sure that this continues. You can prepay for your crew, pacers, friends etc but everyone that is on the property MUST have a wristband. 

Permission to camp comes with the $10 entry into the park. There are very nice showers, bathrooms, and water at all times in the camping area.

Also, for an additional $18, there is some RV parking for the weekend.

Below is a link to the surrounding hotels and accomodations.https://www.google.com/maps/search/78933+hotels/@29.8701141,-96.2674131,11.75z


From Houston (I-10): Take I-10 West to Sealy (50 miles). Go North on 36 (2 miles). Turn Left on FM 1094 and go 11 miles. Turn Right on FM 949 and go .2 mile. Turn Left on Mill Creek Rd. (after bridge the road Y’s, stay to right) 7IL entrance is on the Left 2.5 miles. Look for the Texas Flag Mailbox.

From San Antonio (I-10): Take I-10 East to Exit 704 (FM 949) Go Left (north) on FM 949 about 11.7 miles to 1094. Cross 1094 and go . 2 mile. Turn Left on Mill Creek Road. (after bridge the road Y’s, stay to right) 7IL entrance is on the Left 2.5 miles. Look for the Texas Flag Mailbox.

From Brenham (290): Take 36 S. To Bellville, go around Court House, at the Traffic Light take a Right. After trailer company, turn Right on Hacienda (at traffic light). (go 1.7 miles) Turn Left on Mill Creek Rd. (the road Y’s, stay left) 7IL entrance is on the Right (3.7miles) look for the Texas Flag Mailbox.

From Hempstead (290): Take 159 to Bellville. Cross Railroad tracks and turn Left at Light. After trailer company, turn Right on Hacienda (at traffic light) (go 1.7 miles) Turn Left on Mill Creek Rd. (the road Y’s stay left) 7IL entrance is on the Right (3.7 miles) look for the Texas Flag Mailbox.

From Dallas (45): I-45 S (129 miles) Exit 146 toward Tx-75 to Madisonville (go 4.5 miles), Right at 190 (go .2 mile), Left at 90 (go 42.4 miles) Left at Hwy 6 S. (go 20 miles to Hempstead)Take 159 to Bellville (go 15.5 miles). Cross Railroad tracks and turn Left at Light. After trailer company, turn Right on Hacienda (at traffic light) (go 1.7 miles) Turn Left on Mill Creek Rd. (the road Y’s stay left) 7IL entrance is on the Right (3.7 miles) look for the Texas Flag Mailbox.


The closest airport to this race would be George W Bush Airport.


2019 Relay Results: 

100M Teams                                                                                100K Teams

#486         14:26:50                                                                    #496      7:52:28

#488       16:37:58                                                                  #495         10:12:19

#493         17:27:52                                                                    #497         10:24:57

#491         17:51:11                                                                    #504         11:07:38

#489         19:22:15                                                                    #502         11:12:30

#485          19:59:07                                                                    #507        11:32:07

#484         20:15:09                                                                      #511          11:42:52

#490       20:17:54                                                                     #506          12:38:04

#492        21:11:06                                                                     #498         13:02:31

#487        22:07:57                                                                      #501         14:01:44

                                                                      #505     14:05:29

                                                                     #510        14:13:59

#509 16:53:34

#508 17:07:36

#500 20:57:35

#499 20:57:40


With any race comes a small army that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. We think volunteers are the MOST important part of any race and we do our best to provide them with the best as well. If you have never been on the other side of the table, give it a shot!

Volunteer Shifts Range from 4-8 hours depending on the event.

All of our volunteers will receive:

Free park entry, an area to camp,  race merchandise, and a provided meal on race day.

In Addition to this:

*If you volunteer for (1) Shift at any race you will get 50% off registration for any of our events in the future.

** If you volunteer for (2) Shifts at one race you will receive A FREE 100% Comped Entry into any one of our races in the future.

*** The Race Credits for 50% or 100% are for 100M/24 hour races and below in distances. Longer distances races may require additional credits. 

If you would like to volunteer please email us at volunteer@trailracingovertexas.com and we will send you a schedule of shifts that can be worked as well as a description of the jobs and what they entail.

We will be providing VOLUNTEER TRAINING as well once you have been selected for the shifts.