Habanero Hundred

100M, 100K, 50k, 100M (5 person relay) AND 100k (5 person relay)

Aug 20-21st 2016


Start time: HIGH NOON

30 hour cutoff


WARNING THIS RACE STARTS AT NOON: Pre-Race Heat Training Advice, Tips and Medical Plan

Runner Safety- We DO take fully responsibility to make sure that all of your are safe running this race like any other race that we put on. We have a full medical plan that the USATF has accepted as well as the state of Texas in case of emergencies. We will also have medical on staff for the event for the entire 30 hours of the event. 

MANDATORY WEIGH INS for all 100m/100k runners will be done pre-race and during the event as well. 

All aid stations ALL DAY/NIGHT will have water, electrolytes, salt tabs, ICE, ice buckets, shade and the normal buffet of food that we always have including hot foods/cold foods as well. You will not only have access to everything we provide but can have DROP bags at both places as well. 

The race has a few things that are different so I will explain them. 

The course is small on purpose so that you are never 3.5 miles away from aid. that means if you are walking an hour from one to the next. this allows you to ICE up each aid station and keep as cool as possible. We picked this park because it also has some decent cover as well so that you aren't always super exposed to the sun. The reason we used an out and back was so that you did see people and you would be able to encourage each other as the loops pile up. We also picked a park that had showers within 25 feet of the start so that you could essentially fully cool off if wanted to. And the start while at NOON seems really mean was meant to get you in the sun while you were fresh and then get into the night while you had a good nights sleep. So you essentially won't be at 18 hours in the race and a zombie walking at midnight. You will only be 12 hours in and should be looking forward to really running hard when the sun is setting. I have searched for a park for the past year and a half that would fit the bill to make this race safe enough to put on. 

On top of all that above we have some AMAZING ultrarunning volunteers that will be at the aid stations. Guys and Gals that have run tons of ultras, 100 miler races and beyond. These amazing volunteers might just be your best friend when the race is over. 

So you as a runner will have everything at your fingertips to help you get to the finish line. When you sign up for a race (any race) you should know your limitations and the risks that are involved in a race. The Habanero Hundred is quite different in a few ways and I want to give you some advice to think about. 

1. A buff, bandana, arm sleeves all will help you in the race. Let me explain why.. You need to stay as cool as you can while running in the race. So you want to a) protect your head and b) stay cool. So a buff dipped in water around your neck will help to keep your blood cool around your neck. Taking a bandana and putting ice into it and wrapping around your neck will also help to keep the ice against your body and keep you cool. Arm sleeves.... well folks while they are around your wrists which is really close to your vessels stuff them with ice and it will help to keep your cool as well. (ie Rob Krar)

2. Cotton shirts will help to keep moisture against your skin instead of away from it. While most people think cotton is the devil because it chafes it can also help to keep moisture against the skin in the sun. So your sweat will actually help to cool you. As the sun sets maybe toss on a tech shirt and change when you start getting hot again.. 

3. Run within your limits. Most of you are out there heat training all the time like me and realize that hot weather makes your HR go up.. So you need to be smart while its HOT and not be in the red when it doesn't help you. Remember 100m/100k runners the the time to attack the course maybe from 6p-6a when you are out of the sunlight.. 

4. Electrolytes... Taking salt, salt pills or salted items is going to be key when you run in the sun. Make sure that you are comfortable with salt/water before race day. We will have hammer endurolytes, the Hammer Fizz packets, table salt and salted items to snack on as well. 

Check out a few links below on heat training and how to stay cool.






We are excited to be bringing a new 100M/100k/50k to the Texas Summer Schedule. This race is designed to put you in an extreme situation both physically and mentally but with many comforts that you don't normally get with a big loop 100. The relay will also allow you to run with a team, friends and family to complete a monumental task. 

The Habanero Hundred is set up to start at Noon  and the 30 hour cutoff will end at 6pm on Sunday.  All runners will have their choice of swag for the event via ultrasignup, the race will be chipped time, we will have free pictures for all runners and there will be buckles for 100k/100m runners. The 50k and relay teams will all get medals for their efforts!



The 7.2 mile loop is a lollipop loop with a mix of terrains along the 300 ft per loop of up and down. Most of the trails are either partial or under canopy. There are few exposed sections of the course but much of it has tree shade. The trails are rolling trails with a mix of small rocks, packed single track, sandy spots and pine needle trail.

Habanero Hundred Course Profile

Habanero Hundred Course Profile

7.2 Mile Loop with Link to .gpx file


100 mile:

100 mile runners will run 14 full loops at 7.2 miles per loop to finish with a total of 100.8 miles.


100k runners will complete 9 full loops at 7.2 miles per loop to finish with a total of 64.0 miles.


50k runners first loop will be a 3.30 mile out and back and then 4 full 7.2 mile loops to finish with a total of 32.1 miles.

Relay Teams:

Relay teams can be up to 5 people running, but can be run with 2-5 runners as a team as well. A relay runner MUST complete the full loop back to the start/finish. If a runner on a relay team starts the loop and is unable to continue the team with be DNF. The only place that an exchange can be made is at the Start/FInish. 


Friday Aug. 19th

Packet Pickup 3-7pm Buescher State Park Start/Finish Line

Race Meeting 4-5 pm at Start/Finish Line 

Saturday Aug. 20th

Packet Pickup 10-Noon Buescher State Park Start/Finish Line

12pm RACE START for 100k and 100 mile races and relays.

12:15 RACE START for 50k race

Sunday Aug 21st

Race Ends at 6pm 


The cutoff  is 6pm for ALL  distances.



There will be 3 aid stations. 

Start/Finish area of each loop.

Halfway Aid Station which is 3.55 miles on the loop

Un Manned Aid station with water&ice at 1.5/5.5


All aid stations (2) are FULL AID STATIONS and will be full stocked with Texas Style Goodies.

We will also have HOT/COLD foods all day LIKE: potatoes, popsicles, grilled cheese, quesadillas and soups. Some of the options will be vegetarian as well. 

( If you have specific requirements and dietary needs please feel free to bring your items and have them at the drop bag areas)

Drinks-Gatorade, Water and usually Hammer Heed

Electrolytes- Hammer Endurolytes

Gels-Hammer Gels

Sweet- Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

Salty-Pringles, Trail Mix, PB&J

PB&js, Bean burrito rolls, fruit ie bananas, oranges, seasonal fruits.

Medical including bandages, vaseline, band aids and TRAIL TOES (thanks to our sponsor)

We will have everything you need at our aid stations and we usually throw in something to make it fun.

We have done sheet cake, pies, special candies, pineapple etc… You never know what the surprise will be!


We do our best to limit the footprint we leave at races and on the trails. With that being said we DO NOT have cups at all the aid stations for water. We encourage all of our runners to use reusable cups, bottles and hydration packs to carry water in. We offer custom logo'd gear in the store for reusable cups and also bottles check it out HERE


There is a $5 fee per person for entering in the park per day. Children under $12 do not have to pay this fee. You will need to pay this on race day or friday before you race. 

By purchasing a Texas State Park Pass you will get free unlimited entry into Texas State Parks and Discounts on Camping as well. http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/park-information/passes


Crew is allowed at both aid stations. For the halfway aid stations crew will need to walk or mountain bike. There will be no cars allowed to travel while the race is being held up and down the road. 

100m/100k Pacing is allowed. You may only have 1 Pacer at a time while you are running. Each pacer must sign a waiver and wear a blue pacing bib.

100m runners may have a pacer once they have completed 7 loops of the course. 

100k runners may have a pacer after they have completed 4 loops of the course. 


All races and distances can have drop bags at both the start/finish area and also the mid way aid station. We will take those drop bags out to the midway station at 11:30am before the race starts. 


There are 4 different way to lodge for the race

#1 Buescher State Park has Camping, Cabins and Facilities around the lake and the start finish area. http://texas.reserveworld.com/

#2 Bastrop state park is connected to Buescher state park by a 12 mile long road as well. Bastrop State Park has a lot of camping areas, cabins, large halls, swimming pools and other amenities. http://texas.reserveworld.com/

#3 Nearby Hotels in Smithville are HERE

#4 We will allow you to camp overnight at the start/finish line and the cost is $15 per tent. This does not include the $5 per person to be in the park.

All of the money that we gather goes to the park in a form of a donation so that we can make sure and take care of this awesome park and venue.



The park is located two miles northwest of Smithville. Take State Highway 71 to FM 153; then travel north on 153 for 0.5 miles to enter Park Road 1.

Buescher State Park

Park Rd 1-C, Smithville, TX 78957
(512) 237-2241

The Park headquarters is located at: 
Latitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) N:  30° 02' 20.90"
Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) W:  97° 09' 29.66"


The closest airport to this race would be Austin Airport



Finisher Awards

Buckles for all 100 mi Finishers

Buckles for all 100 km Finishers

Medals for all 50k finishers. 


If you are signed up for the 100 mile race and you DNF the race with MORE than 9 loops completed you will receive a 100k Buckle if you choose to accept it.

(you will be listed as a DNF in ultrasignup)


Winners Awards 

100M/100K/50k Individual

Top 3 Male/Female

Top 2 Masters 50+ Male/Female

100M/100K Relay Teams

Top 3 Each Distance


100m/100k Habanero Hundred Course Map

100m/100k Habanero Hundred Course Map




100mile/100k/50k Below

100 Mile Relay

207 Shake & Bake 12:32:34.203

205 Pickled Cucumbers 16:26:27.937

203 KART - Kenyan Albino  18:30:04.503

204 Let's Draw Straws 19:02:35.883

208 Shoeshank Redemption 20:48:55.347

210 Twisted Blisters 22:22:11.973

209 Stray Dog 22:23:29.377

202 Footsteps For The Fal 24:48:38.993

52 GTS - Ultra Snobs 24:56:48.700

206 Run Like the Winded 26:20:27.240

100k Relay

217 Sugarland Shockers 11:04:33.900

213 GTS Feet on Fire 12:39:29.323

214 Phar Lap 12:54:46.793

215 Premature Acceleration 13:34:55.720

212 GTS BLAZING CRAZIES 14:38:42.040

201 Birthday Cake14:52:51

211 @crosstrails 17:30:59.270

218 Two Ladies & A Water  19:14:20.530

216 Red Hot Chili Steppers 20:33:09.350

100 Mile Drop Downs to 100ks (100k buckle earners)

Matt Zmolek 13:47:25

Butch Allman 18:57:15

Victor Valenzuela 20:29:10

Dean Martin 21:33:23

Wayne Schlosser 22:47:47

Cliff De La Cerda 22:54:03

Steve Caruso 25:07:00

Michelle Gochis 25:53:17

Emilio Villa 26:34:26

Max Roycraft 26:38:47


TROT Facebook Photos (389 photos)

Race Reports:

Angela Gillis

Matt Zmolek


Julie Koepke the only finisher

Trail Runner Magazine Article



Friends of the Lost Pines

The Friends of the Lost Pines has built our Amphitheater in Buescher State Park, Bought playground equipment for both Parks, provided a Greenhouse for the Parks to recover our Special Loblolly Pines, provided tools and other equipment to the Park Staffs, funded advertising for the Parks at events, provided Volunteers for work at the Parks, helped build our trail systems, and provided funding for our recovery efforts after forest fires in both Parks and a flood and loss of the dam in Bastrop State Park



With any race comes a small army that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. We think volunteers are the MOST important part of any race and we do our best to provide them with the best as well. If you have never been on the other side of the table than give it a shot.

Organizing a group to staff an aid station can be a great fundraiser opportunity for your organization. Earn up to $250 for your cause or that money can be used towards travel expenses among the members of your group, use it however you see fit.  

Volunteer Shifts Range from 4-8 hours depending on event.

All of Our volunteers will receive:

Free park entry, an area to camp,  race merchandise, and a provided meal on race day.

In Addition to this:

*If you volunteer for (1) Shift at any race you will get 50% off registration for any of our event in the future.

** If you volunteer for (2) Shifts at one race you will receive A FREE 100% Comped Entry Into any one of races in the future.

*** We will also have some shifts for our 100k and 100 mile races that we will give 100% comped entries for as well.

If you would like to volunteer please emails us at volunteer@trailracingovertexas.com and we will send you a schedule of shifts that can be worked as well as description of the jobs and what they entail.

We will be providing VOLUNTEER TRAINING in the process as well once you have been selected for the shifts as well.