Since the family of TROT is growing and the appeal of getting a TROT tattoo is here, we have made it a club. The club has a few rules and a few perks as well!  And just remember, I'm not just the President of TROT, I'm also a member of the club. 

Rules to Qualify

  1. The tattoo of the TROT logo can be colored or in grey.

  2. The tattoo has to be at LEAST 3"x3"

  3. You must be willing to show it to us yearly.

What you get in return

  1. You will get ONE FREE INDIVIDUAL RACE ENTRY every year into a TROT race of your choice. The race is an 100 miler/24 hour race or shorter. 200 milers, 48 hour races, camps etc do not apply

  2. You will have your name and tattoo posted on this page