The Franklins

200M and 200k

FEB 5th-9th 2020




$3000 1st Male/Female

$1500 2nd Male/Female

$500 3rd Male/Female


200 Miler - $700 before 8/31, $800 before 10/31 and $900 after 11/1 

Down Payment (non refundable) available for $350 + payment options

200 K - $420 before 8/31, $480 before 10/31 and 540 after 11/1

Down Payment (non refundable) available for $210 + payment options

There are No refunds or transfers after 11/6/18



The Franklins is a rugged, unforgiving mountain race located in the Southernmost tip of the Rocky Mountains in El Paso, Texas. This is a true Texas mountain race. The races will start at around 5,000' altitude and climb to 7,192' to the peak of North Franklin. The race will start at the McKelligon Canyon Park HQ and will climb to the top of the South Franklin Mountain to Start. The runners will traverse under the Trans Mountain Road and then start the Circumnavigation of the North Franklin Mountain. 


200 Miler

Current mileage: McKelligon to Trans Mountain 4.0 miles (adding in the .2 miles & 30 ft of climb on road to run from the large picnic pavilion to the Ron Coleman trailhead) + 8.3 miles from Trans Mountain Road to South Sunset pavilion = 12.3 mile opener; 4070 ft. of climb.

Then the five 38.0 mile loops with ~9400 ft of climb each.

Loop #1 total: 50.3 miles; 13,400+ ft.

Loop #2 totals: 88.3 miles; 22,800+ ft.

Loop #3 totals: 126.3 miles (202.4 K); 32,200+ ft.

Loop #4 totals: 164.3 miles; 41,600+ ft.

Loop #5 totals: 202.3 miles; 51,000+ ft.


Current mileage: McKelligon to Trans Mountain 4.0 miles (adding in the .2 miles & 30 ft of climb on road to run from the large picnic pavilion to the Ron Coleman trailhead) + 8.3 miles from Trans Mountain Road to South Sunset pavilion = 12.3 mile opener; 4070 ft. of climb.

Then the five 38.0 mile loops with 9400 ft of climb each.

Loop #1 total: 50.3 miles; 13,400+ ft.

Loop #2 totals: 88.3 miles; 22,800+ ft.

Loop #3 totals: 126.3 miles (202.4 K); 32,200+ ft.

Greg Luffey wrote a great write up on the Franklin Mountains Sky Race. This is about 80% of the loops on the course.

Qualifying Standards:

We think it is up to each applicant to decide if they are up for the challenges of The Franklins. We think that it is important as humans to traverse mountains and to challenge themselves. This race though is NOT for beginners. We recommend running Lone Star 100 and/or Franklin Mountains leading up to the race or in previous years to prepare for the challenge. 


Tues February 4th

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm Packet Pickup @ Tom Mays Unit Upper Sunset (Finish Line) 
4:00p -5:00 pm Racer Meeting (Mandatory) @ Tom Mays Unit Upper Sunset (Finish Line) 

4:00-7:00 pm Runners Dinner/Meeting  @ Tom Mays Unit Upper Sunset (Finish Line) 

Wednesday February 5th



5:00 am 200 miler Race Start @ McKelligon Canyon (Ron Coleman TH)

6:00 am 200k Race Start @ McKelligon Canyon (Ron Coleman TH)

Sunday Feb 9th

6:00 pm Cutoff @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot

8:00pm-Midnight Post Race Party

Hoppy Monk

4141 N Mesa St

El Paso, Texas 79902


There is a 108 hour cutoff for the 200M and 107 hour cutoff for the 200k.


Once your race begins that is the distance you must finish to receive a medal for that distance. There is no dropping of distances during the race and you will be listed as a DNF no matter what the reason. 

Online Distance Changes Until Wednesday of Race Week. All other changes must be in person and may not be changed due to sold out distances.

  • Go to UltraSignup.

  • Log into your account.

  • Under your name and “Account Into” towards the upper right of the screen select “Registration History”

  • On the "name of this race" , to the right of the date select “Edit”

  • Under “Switch Event?” select distance to change

  • Select “Checkout” to go through the process of paying the additional $ or changing lower. There will be a small UltraSignup fee if moving up in distance. During this process you will be dropping from the old distance, so you will need to immediately finish the checkout process to be added back into the the new distance.


Below is the start of the race in 2 parts and the loop data which is 90% of the course. 

Strava Links for Below:

Part 1 Start

Part 2 Start

Loop Course (33 of 38 miles) 





Start at McKelligon Canyon Park HQ

6 mile aid stations (6.0 miles)

Loop Start/Finish (6.3 miles) 12.3 SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER (CHECK IN)

Pavilion(5.3 miles) 17.6 CREW

Upper Sunset Road (3.7 miles) 21.3 SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER (CHECK IN)

Mundys Gap (1.9 miles) 23.2 (Crew HIKE UP)

Mundys Gap (5.8 miles) 29.0 (Crew HIKE UP)

Bowen Ranch (6.2 miles) 35.2 SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER (CHECK IN)

West Aid (6.3 miles) 42.6 (CHECK IN)

Pavilion (6.0 miles) 48.6 CREW/PACER

Loop Start/Finish (1.7) 50.3 miles SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER


Loops #2-#5


Pavilion(5.3 miles) 5.3 CREW

Upper Sunset Road (3.7 miles) 9.0 SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER

Mundys Gap (1.9 miles) 10.9 (Crew HIKE UP)

Mundys Gap (5.8 miles) 16.7 (Crew HIKE UP)

Bowen Ranch (6.2 miles) 22.9 SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER

East Aid (1.1 miles) 24.0 (WILL BE OPEN ON SAT/SUN ONLY)

West Aid (6.3 miles) 30.3

Pavilion (6.0 miles) 36.3 CREW

Loop Start/Finish (1.7) 38.0 miles SLEEP STATION/CREW/PACER

Sleep Station: 5 hour limit for sleeping. This isn't enforced unless beds are needed. The sleep stations are a large enclosed tent or tents as we will provide camp pads, cots and/or blankets as well. 

**Highly recommended that runners have warm clothes (wool pants, jackets etc.). While we will provide a place to rest you will need warm clothes and probably a good sleeping bag if wanted as well. 

We will check in runners at the Start/Finish of the Loop, Upper Sunset and Bowen Ranch. 

This would at mile 12.3 from the initial climb into the park and then mile 9, 22.9, 30.3 and 38.0 



All aid stations are FULL aid stations. 

Bowen Ranch and Loop Start/Finish are Denoted as sleep stations as well. 

Drinks - Gatorade, Water, and Hammer Heed (sponsor)

Red Bull at all aid stations and pre/post race (sponsor)

Sodas - Coke, Ginger ale, and maybe some orange as well.

Electrolytes - Hammer Endurolytes

Sweets - Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

Salty - Pringles, Trail Mix

PB&Js, Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas, oranges, seasonal fruits)

Bearded Brothers Bars (sponsor)

Medical - bandages, vasoline, band aids, etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) 

Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape pre/post race (sponsor)

HOT FOODS- Quesadillas, Soups, Ramen, Potatoes, Grilled Cheese, Sandwiches etc. 

yes to vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options at aid stations. 

First aid and medical personnel at all aid stations.

Sleep Stations:

The sleep stations are at the loop start/finish, (doubles as mile 9 as well) and Bowen Ranch. Each of the sleep stations will have cots, blankets and heaters in them. There will also be medical personnel specific to those 2 stations to help you as needed.

Safety Runners:

200M runners may have a safety runner after 88.3 miles

200K runners may have safety runner after 50.3 miles. 

Safety Runners CAN ONLY be picked up at Loop Start/Finish, Upper Sunset or Bowen Ranch. You may switch pacers in these locations but you must NOT have more than one pacer at one time. 

Safety Runners are not allowed to mule (carry stuff) for their runner. SRs may not give their runner any aid, food, water (outside of aid stations) unless it is an emergency situation, in which case the runner will then be disqualified. SRs are for safety, not aid. SRs may assist runners at aid stations and give them food/drink within the aid station.

The beds at the sleep stations are for entrants only. If there happens to be an open bed for a quick nap then yes you may use it but you will be the first to have to move if the bed is needed. 


Each runner is allowed 1 CREW VEHICLE at a time and they will have a crew pass with bib # on vehicle.

Crews are Allowed at: Main, Pavilion, Upper Sunset, Mundys (you will need to hike up 2 miles) and Bowen Ranch. 

There will be access to the east side of the mountain for crewing. There will be designated parking lots for this and there is no spectating for these areas though. They are only for crewing. 

Upper Sunset Aid Station aka Start/Finish Loop Aid and Pavilion Aid Station are located inside of the park. 

Mundys Gap Aid Station is about 1.5-2.0 mile hike from the Mundys Gap Trail Head depending on which route you take. You would need to HIKE IN ONLY. 

Bowen Ranch: Head down MLK blvd. Go down Bowen road through the gate which is a long dirt road. You will run into the bowen ranch sleep station.'37.8%22N+106%C2%B027'26.9%22W/@31.9605095,-106.4596457,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d31.960505!4d-106.457457



You may have drop bags at all the aid stations but Mundys Gap and East AID.

Aid stations would be listed as 6 Mile, Loop Start/Finish, Bowen Ranch, and West Aid. 

Your drop bags MUST be dropped to us by Tuesday evening at 7pm to go out Wednesday morning. 

We will bring those bags back post race and have them for pickup Monday-Tuesday at race site. We will also bring them back to our warehouse post race as well. 


Recommended Gear for Drop Bags:

Battery Pack and Cord to charge your devices (many aid stations will not have a way to charge your devices, please plan ahead)


Warm jacket (down jacket, fleece)

Warm Pants/Running tights

Hat & gloves- it’s getting cold out in the late evening, nighttime, and early morning, be prepared!!

Sleeping bag- if you plan to sleep at an aid station a sleeping bag would give you plenty of warmth, our blankets may not be sufficient.

Hiking poles (if you aren’t already using them)

Electrolytes, caffeine pills & any medicine you might need

Extra batteries

Extra headlamp

Plastic baggies (gallon & sandwich size)

Extra water bottle (s)

Spare socks, shoes, shorts, shirt

Blister kit

Your favorite foods, gels, snacks, drinks

Any charger cords for phone, GPS

Wet wipes

Tissues for tears

Participant Rules: 

  1. You must carry your own gear at all times. The safety runner must remain behind you at all times until entering an aid station.

  2. Runners Must complete the course as it is designed the course cannot be cut.

  3. Runners must CHECK IN and show your bib to all aid stations upon request.

  4. If a runner requires IVs, Medical Removal from course or Search/Rescue they will be disqualified

  5. No PEDs

  6. The runner is responsible to have the crew and pacers understand all the rules.

  7. All runners MUST be kind to fellow runners, staff, volunteers, land owners and park.

  8. Runners Must get their bracelets in order and sign the log book in order as well.

Runners Leaving the Park

Runners are allowed to leave the course to sleep in a hotel, get food or get items. They must do this at an aid station captain and must give up their ankle chip. Upon arrival the aid station captain will reapply the chip to continue. The runner must still make all cutoffs through the event. 


There is a $5 fee per person per day for entering in the park if you are not a runner. Children under 12 are free. We, TROT, will be collecting the fee from you at packet pickup. You will receive a parking pass.

All runners must pay $25 when picking up your bibs to cover 5 days of day use admission into the park. 

All pacers, crew, or anyone attending MUST pay the gate each day they are in the park.



The park is located on the northern edge of El Paso, in far West Texas. There are two main access points to this park:

  • Tom Mays Unit: On the west side and from Interstate 10, take the Canutillo/Trans Mountain Road exit and turn toward the mountains; enter the park 3.5 miles from the interstate.

  • McKelligon Canyon: On the east side and from Highway 54, exit on Fred Wilson Road and turn west toward the mountains.


The closest airport to this race would be El Paso International Airport


Hotel Lodging coming soon for event

The park has amazing primitive camping and is available through the TWPD site below


First Female/male $3000

Second Female/male $1500

Third Female/Male $500 



Every Person who registers for the race will get the opportunity when signing up to create their own buckle with the 8 characters provided. The buckles will all be made specifically for the runner who registers for the race and will be there at the race. These are 1 of a kind Buckles for you and if not completed will not be re used. So you get your chance to customize your buckle and your chance to get it. 

All 200M/200K finishers will receive a belt buckle. When you signed up for the race you were given the option to use 8 characters for the buckle. 


All runners will receive a race hoodie, long sleeve tech shirt and wrap at packet pickup. 



2018 Franklins 200 Photo Album:



Volunteer Shifts Range from 4-8 hours depending on the event.

All of our volunteers will receive:

Free park entry, an area to camp,  race merchandise, and a provided meal on race day.

In Addition to this:

*If you volunteer for (1) Shift at any race you will get 50% race credit for a future race (24hour/100M or less distance)

** If you volunteer for (2) Shifts at one race you will receive A FREE 100% Comped Entry into any one of our races in the future. (24hour/100M or less distance)

If you would like to volunteer please emails us at and we will send you a schedule of shifts that can be worked as well as a description of the jobs and what they entail.

We will be providing VOLUNTEER TRAINING as well once you have been selected for the shifts.