69M, 52M, 56K, 17M, 8M and 4m

May 30-31st, 2020

Possum Kingdom Lake Hike & Bike Trail System – Graford, Texas

#POSSUMSREVENGE #Trailracingovertexas

We are pleased to have the 69M, 52M and 56K as 2019 UTMB Qualifying Races

We are pleased to have the 69M, 52M and 56K as 2019 UTMB Qualifying Races

Course Description:

The Possums Revenge Trail Run is on the varied and great terrain on the Possum Kingdom Lake Hike and Bike Trail System located 90 miles west of the central Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex. 

The trails have a variety of terrain that included mostly double track trail with some sections of singletrack. The course has some great climbs to see the amazing Possum Kingdom Lake mixed with rock, roots and great trails. 


Friday May 29th

Packet Pickup Noon-7pm @ Bug Beach

Race Meeting 4-5pm

Saturday May 30th

Packet Pickup 5-9am

All Races Start at @ Bug beach









Once your race begins that is the distance you must finish to receive a medal for that distance. There is no dropping of distances during the race and you will be listed as a DNF no matter what the reason. 

Online Distance Changes Until Wednesday of Race Week. All other changes must be in person and may not be changed due to sold out distances.

  • Go to UltraSignup.

  • Log into your account.

  • Under your name and “Account Into” towards the upper right of the screen select “Registration History”

  • On the "name of this race" , to the right of the date select “Edit”

  • Under “Switch Event?” select distance to change

  • Select “Checkout” to go through the process of paying the additional $ or changing lower. There will be a small UltraSignup fee if moving up in distance. During this process you will be dropping from the old distance, so you will need to immediately finish the checkout process to be added back into the the new distance.



 69 mile 4 x 17.35 miles (main loop)

52 mile = 3 x 17.35 miles (main loop)

56 km = 2 x 17.35 miles (main loop)

17 mile = 1 x 17.35 miles (main loop)

8 mile = 1 x 8.20 miles (modified loop)

4 Mile= 1 x 4 mile loop (modified loop)



69M/52M/56K/17M Loops

Start 0

Unmanned Aid 4.25 (Frontier Unit)

South D&D 6.42

La Villa 10.46

South D&D 14.92

Finish 17.35

8M Loop

Start 0

South D&D 2.43

South D&D 6.22

Finish 8.65



All aid stations (X) are FULL AID STATIONS and will be full stocked with Texas Style goodies.

The Frontier Unit Aid will ONLY have Water and Ice. 

Drinks - Gatorade, Water, and Hammer Heed (sponsor)

Red Bull at all aid stations and pre/post race (sponsor)

Sodas - Coke, Ginger ale, and maybe some orange as well.

Electrolytes - Hammer Endurolytes

Sweets - Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

Salty - Pringles, Trail Mix

PB&Js, Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas, oranges, seasonal fruits)

Bearded Brothers Bars (sponsor)

Medical - bandages, vasoline, band aids, etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) 

Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape pre/post race (sponsor)

PM Foods- Quesadillas, Soups, Ramen, Potatoes, and fun concoctions

We WILL have a hot food at ALL AID STATIONS 

We will have everything you need at our aid stations and we usually throw in something to make it fun.
We have had sheet cake, pies, watermelon, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!


We DO NOT have cups at the aid stations for water. We do our best to limit the footprint we leave at races and on the trails, so we will not have any cups for you. We encourage all of our runners to have reusable cups, bottles, and hydration packs to carry water in.


Pacers can start at the beginning of loop 3 (mile 34.80). All pacers must sign race waiver located at the start/finish area at Bug Beach. 


You may have drop bags at the 3 manned aid stations. Main, South D&D and Lavilla. 






This depends largely on where you are coming from but here is the LINK to right at the start/finish area.




The closest airport to this race would be DFW Airport


ACCOMMODATIONS: A variety of free campsites are available within a couples miles of the start/finish (Bug Beach) area and include:

See Possum Kingdom Lake Hike & Bike Trail Map for reference.

Note: Campsites are first come, first serve. Note, I have yet to see more than a couple tents. Also, no water hook-ups or electricity at any of the campsites.

  • North D&D (Use Area #4) – Approx. 75 campsites. New facilities (bathrooms/showers). Playground. Some trees. Top recommendation if you want a few amenities. Within a couple miles of start/finish (Bug Beach)

  • Sandy Beach (Use Area #6) – Approx. 45 campsites. New facilities (bathrooms/showers). Playground. More exposed. Within a couple miles of start/finish (Bug Beach)

  • Bug Beach (Use Area #5) – Approx. 12 campsites…loosely stated. Start/Finish area and has a bathroom (no showers).

Here is a great map courtesy of the Possum Kingdom Chamber of Commerce that showcases camping, lodging, and dining options within a stone’s throw to the race site (or at least very close 😉 ) – Possum Kingdom: Lodging, Dining, Camping Map (pdf file)

The above map should provide great insight of everything close to the race site but you can always check out the PK Chamber of Commerce Visitors tab for more.


All runners who choose a race shirt as their swag item will receive a grey tri-blend shirt with this possum riding unicorn design!

All runners who choose a race shirt as their swag item will receive a grey tri-blend shirt with this possum riding unicorn design!


Top 3 Men/Women and Top 2 Masters (50+) in each race. 




All Runners will get a custom medal from Elevation Culture with their specific distance on the medal. 

New custom made buckles for 69 mile finishers!

New custom made buckles for 69 mile finishers!




With any race comes a small army that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. We think volunteers are the MOST important part of any race and we do our best to provide them with the best as well. If you have never been on the other side of the table, give it a shot!

Volunteer Shifts Range from 4-8 hours depending on the event.

All of our volunteers will receive:

Free park entry, an area to camp,  race merchandise, and a provided meal on race day.

In Addition to this:

*If you volunteer for (1) Shift at any race you will get 50% off registration for any of our events in the future.

** If you volunteer for (2) Shifts at one race you will receive A FREE 100% Comped Entry into any one of our races in the future.

*** We will also have some shifts for our 100k and 100 mile races that we will give 100% comped entries for as well.

If you would like to volunteer please emails us at volunteer@trailracingovertexas.com and we will send you a schedule of shifts that can be worked as well as a description of the jobs and what they entail.

We will be providing VOLUNTEER TRAINING as well once you have been selected for the shifts.