TROT Promise

We do things a bit different here at Trail Racing Over Texas. Here is our  TROT Promise.

1. If for ANY reason we TROT cancel a race  we will either (a) Hold the race within 90 days of the cancellation or (b) offer you the runner a FULL 100% comped entry into another race that we have. 

2. We will CONTINUE to offer race swag no matter when you sign up for one of our races. No matter if you are the 1st person or the last 1 minute before the race starts you deserve the Race Swag you paid for. 

3. We will CONTINUE to offer a choice of race swag at each of our races. When you register for a TROT race you can get the race shirt or choose to change it up as well. 

4. If you notify us prior to 30 days of the race date we will hold a 100% credit for you for a future TROT race as a credit. If you prior to 14 days of the race date we will hold a 50% credit for you. Both never expire. 

5. If you notify us prior to 30 days of the race date we will allow you to transfer your bib.

6. Transferring race credits allow our runners the flexibility to participate in a future TROT race when life doesn't always go as planned and need to opt out of their current registration. Our policy for transferring credits applies only once and is not allowed to be done multiple times.

7. All volunteers will get 50% an individual race credit for races up to 6 hours., free food, free race swag, free camping and free entry per 8 hour shift they work. If you work 2 shifts you get the above and a 100% comped race entry.

8. If you are caught cheating on one of our courses, littering at our races or disrespecting the volunteers/staff we will ban you from our races permanently. This also includes any incidents with the park, police or wildlife in the parks.

9. If you are found to be selling, transferring or bandit running our races without permission/consent we will ban both you and the person you bought or transferred this from.  Our insurance states that YOU signed a waiver and you are running our races not anyone else. 

10. Doping- Trail Racing Over Texas has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on allowing any person convicted of doping on running our races. We believe in a Clean Sport and those who have tested positive will not be allowed to run our races. 

11. 100 mile/24 hour races require 2 credit for a full entry, Jackalope Jam 48 will be 4 credits, Jackalope Jam 72 Hour will be 6 credits and Lone Star 200m/k will be 8 credits. 


These above policies ensure our TROT runner fair treatment before, during and after the run one of our races. We will continue to strive each year to give our runners the best trail experience each race that we put on. 

Policy Changes

1. Dogs are NOT allowed on the course at any of our events and/or in any of the aid stations. 

2. Pacers may only be on foot and have a pacing bib. Anyone receiving assistance from a pacer on bike, transporation or caught to have someone muling for them will be DQ.  Anyone who is being paced by someone in a race that dosent allow one will also be DQ as well. 

2019 Changes

  1. We will discontinue the Texas Desert Series in 2019

  2. We have discontinued the Blazing 7s and Orion Races

  3. TROT CUP Points Overall will now award masters. The points will be 20,14,10,6,4 and 6,4 for top masters in both male and female categories.

  4. We will discontinue the TROT 13 for 2019 and add; TROT 250, TROT 500 and TROT 1000 all mileage markers for the complete 2019 season. All mileages will come with jackets for the highest of the 3 that has been earned.

  5. TROT 10 will discontinue for 2019. We will instead add the TROT AID. We will award those who volunteer for our races with various levels of hours volunteered. Those levels will be 50, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 hours volunteered in a year. Prized will vary from extra race credits, custom new volunteer shirts, jackets etc.