It takes a dedicated and energetic crew to give the runners we serve top notch, out of this world experiences at our events.  We are a group of runners, explorers, servants, and passionate individuals and we are ready to make your time with TROT memorable and fun.  



Rob and Rachel Goyen, TROT Founders and Race Directors

We are both born and raised in Texas and started race directing in 2014 after falling in love with the trails back in 2011.  Once we started race directing as a team we knew that this was our way to serve the community of runners and get to travel this great state we love.  We like to provide world class events for our runners while maintaining the fun, community and low key atmosphere that made us fall in love with trail races.  




Chris Douglas, Systems and Operations Director

Chris has been working with Trail Racing Over Texas since 2015 providing sponsorship, marketing and operational support.  Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chris is a triathlete, cyclist and trail runner.  Whether training for the next ridiculous endurance challenge on the schedule (double century bike ride in Death Valley? Done that!) or simply to run up the mountains to catch the sunrise, he's up for it.  



Angelica Lopez, Digital Media Assistant

I was born and raised in Houston, TX and now call San Antonio my home where I live the adventure of a lifetime with my family.  I started running in 2015 and two years later found myself in love with trail running, ultrarunning and skyrunning.  My heart and soul belongs outdoors either running the trails, hiking through gorgeous landscapes, or getting away on a camping trip.

"Keep close to nature's heart, and break clear away once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods.  Wash your spirit clean." - John Muir


Chris Turner, Warehouse Manager

I graduated from The University of Houston with a Bachelors in Marketing in 2017.  I started running in 2016 for weight loss and ended up losing 160 lbs.  I do all sorts of jobs for TROT, from races to race prep to shirts.  I am currently training to start running a few ultra marathons.  

Amanda Kubeczka, Assistant Race Director & Volunteer Coordinator


Aye-O! I have been serving as an assistant race director for TROT and can be very loud and full of (sometimes) too much energy. Movies, sweets, and obviously running are some of my favorite things. Looking forward to seeing you all out on the trails!

Tiger Tail-1.jpg

Anthony Stasulli, Photographer

In addition to being a TROT photographer I am also an Operations Manager for H-E-B.  My hobbies include shooting people (in pictures, of course) and running.  I have a beautiful fiancé, Cathy, and a wonderful son, Chase!


Jeremiah Justis, Photographer

Hello! I am a photographer residing in Killeen, TX. I have recently had the opportunity to work with TROT over the last year and experience the wonderful community of trail running.  It's been an amazing experience with my camera out on the trails and I hope to see you out there running with TROT soon!




Sidney Parks, Graphics Designer

An illustrator from the southwestern United States, Sidney is a perfectionist in basically everything he does, and especially in design. Even if it grates on some friends and family, it certainly improves his work quality!

"My work is heavily inspired by the work of Bill Waterson, and more recently by the work of Chris Ware, both acclaimed comic artists." 

See more of Sidney’s work on his website.


Dr. Jaime Aparicio, Medical Director

Dr. Jaime Aparicio is a sports physical therapist at Memorial Hermann's Ironman Human Performance Lab.  His clinical experience and love for the outdoors drew him to the sport of running where he quickly fell in love with the Houston running community.  Being a competitive long distance road and trail runner himself, he takes a special interest in endurance and long distance runners, and is also a USA Track and Field Level I Coach. When he is not serving the running community, Jaime can be found teaching at Rice University, consulting for the University of Houston's Sports Medicine Department, or fishing the beautiful clear waters of the Lower Laguna Madre.