Texas Trail Camp

Nov 4th-6th 2016


Limited to 100 runners total

We are excited to bring the 2016 Texas Trail Camp here to Smithville Texas. We wanted to create a trail camp that would give benefits to all ranges of trail runners starting from new runners to grizzled veterans. The trail camp is filled with coaching from some of the best ultra runners in the country, industry professionals and the pioneers of the sport as well.

Along with the classes that are scheduled we will also have many optional running times as well for those seeking more miles and more time with athletes on the trails as well.

The camp is designed on also giving you information that will help to round you runner. From strength classes, yoga, cooking classes and more you will leave with a wealth of knowledge to help you get to the next level. 

We will finish our camp with a Trail Camp Race. You will get to decided on the 5k, 10k or 13.1 to test all of you new knowledge and get to run with the camp crew as well. 

So no matter if you are running trails for the first time or you are looking to run 100 milers better we have the right people in place to help you get there. 

So check below for coaches, scheduling and all other information. 


Calum Neff

Calum was raised in Canada, went to the University of Houston and now calls Katy his home. Calum is one of the most diversified runners you will find competing in everything from XC race to 160km mountain races. Calum has run for the Canadian Mountain Team Twice, run a a 2:22 marathon and was the US Wings for Life World Run in 2014. Recently Calum set a New World Record with a 1:11 while pushing his daughter in a stroller. 

Gia Madole

2016 Cross Timbers 50M - 1st Female 4th OA

2015 Bigfoot 200M  – 1st female 5th Overall

2015 Cruel Jewel 100M – 2nd Female 9th Overall

2015 Ouachita 50M  – 1st Female 2nd Overall

2015 LOViT 100K – 1st Female 4th Overall

2014 Tahoe 200 – 1st Female 10th Overall

Gia Madole is the only women to win 2 200 milers in the us and she did that with the 2014 Tahoe 200 and the 2015 Bigfoot 200. She is also a RRCA and USATF Certified and ACE certified personal trainer for many athletes as well. 

"I am looking forward to helping other runners find the enjoyment and love of running I have found while also helping runners learn the importance of and how to incorporate strength training into their running program.  Every athlete is different so its important for the athlete to understand what type of running and strength program will personally benefit them the most. " Gia

Lauren Ross

Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian

"When I'm not running with TROT, I'm providing nutrition counseling with a focus on wellness and weight management at the employee health center at Hewlett Packard. It's not every day that I get to work with dedicated athletes, so I can't wait to help you learn to maximize performance through eating tasty, nourishing food. My personal nutrition philosophy centers around growing, cooking, and eating a well-balanced base diet with plenty of plants and choosing whole-food sources of fuel as much as possible. I'm excited to help you use foods you're probably already eating in a more efficient way!" Laruen Ross

Tracie Akerhielm

Tracie Akerhielm, M.S.- Tracie has studied and taught exercise science classes and labs at Texas Tech University and at Texas Woman's University, and holds a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology.  She competed at TTU in cross-country and track, and currently runs for Altra Footwear and the Trail Racing Over Texas team. She will be presenting topics on the fundamentals and principles of training and common misconceptions of exercise.

Vincent M. Antunez, D.Sc, PA-C, has a Doctorate of Science in Orthopedics and serves as a -Service Physician Assistant Program teaching neurology and orthopedics. twice (110k), the Four Days Force March in Nijmegen, and he walked 192 miles across Great Britain.

Since coming back to the US he continued to run and has thus far completed a marathon in 26 states, several 50 k, and a 100 mile trail run.  In addition, he is the only active duty service member to have completed all four of the Racing the Planet desert races and he has done the Marathon Des Sables as well as the Grand to Grand in Arizona/Utah – twice.  He has also crewed at Badwater and more recently served as the primary crew for John Sharp’s record breaking 200 mile solo Texas Independence Relay.  Vince is also the owner of Trail Toes, LLC, a company he started while deployed to Afghanistan in June 2013.  The company manufactures Trail Toes Phenomenal Ultra-Extreme Anti-Friction Foot and Body Cream a product that was developed to help athletes complete endurance events with a blister free finish. (info from http://www.badwater4goodwater.com/staff/vincent-m-antunez/)



Special Guest: Gordy Ansleigh will be joining us all weekend. Come meet the godfather of the 100 miler

Myke Hermsmeyer Photography

We will have Myke Hermsmeyer at trail camp the entire weekend following the TROT camp. All pictures will be free post camp session. 


Yoga with Bhakti Chavda


We will have 3 groups that will separate the Trail Camp. The teams will be separated by colors which are Green, Yellow and Red. Each Group will have a Group Leader that will accompany the groups through the days. 



Friday November 4th

3-5pm Open Times to Show and Get Settled @ Main Hall

5-6pm Camp and Team Introductions @ Main Hall

6-7pm Dinner @ Main Hall (Thanksgiving Style Holiday Meal)

7-9:30pm Night group Run different speeds 3 miles to 8 miles (optional) @ MUSTER

8:30-9:30  Yoga with Bhakti Chavda (optional) @ Yoga

9:30-10:30 Get to know each other @ Main Hall

10:30 lights out


Saturday November 5th

6a-8:00am early run (optional) (MUSTER)

7:00a-8am Sunrise Yoga with Bhakti Chavda @ Yoga 

8-9am Breakfast @ Main Hall (Build your own burritos, tacos) 

9-9:30 Camp Photos @ Main Hall

9:30a-12:30p Groups (Green, Yellow and Red will alternate)

1.       In the Kitchen Nutrition (Lauren Ross) 9:30-10:30a @ Main Hall

2.       Running 101 (Cal Neff) 10:30-11:30a @ Yoga

3.       Strengthening you as a Runner (Gia Madole) 11:30-12:30 @ Muster

12:30-1:30 Lunch  (Greek Day)

1:30-4:30 Groups (Green, Yellow and Red will alternate)

4.       Running Up hills/down hills with form instructions (Cal Neff and Gia Madole) @ Trail Head

5.       Hydration and Calories (Lauren Ross/Maggie Guterl) @ Main Hall

6.      Exercise Physiology for Exercise Science (Tracie Akerhielm) @ MUSTER

4:30-6  Training Plans and Race Day Racing (Cal Neff) @ MAIN HALL

Dinner 6-7pm  @ MAIN HALL (Build a pizza NIGHT) 

7-9:30pm Night Run different speeds 3 miles to 8 miles (optional) @ MUSTER

8:30-9:30 Yoga with Bhakti Chavda @ YOGA

9:30-10:30 Campfire Night @ FIRE with Smores

10:30 lights out


Sunday November 6th

6a-8:00am early run (optional) @ MUSTER

7:00-8am Sunrise Yoga with Bhakti Chavda @ Yoga

8-9am Breakfast @ Main Hall (Bfast with Pancakes/French Toast)

9-11am Chaffing, Blisters and More (Vincent Antunez) @ Main HALL

11:00-12:00pm  Lunch @ MAIN HALL (Pasta Bar)

12:00-1p Travel to Bastrop

1p-4pm will be all races. 5k= 1 loop, 10k 2 loops, 13.1 3 loops. We will get all times to put into ultrasignup but they will not count for TROT CUP or TROT 10.

4-5 Back to Main Hall, Shower and Pack up. 

5pm Camp is Over


$240 through 9/3 with Lodging ($260 after)

$215 through 9/3 with tent or you own lodging ($235 after)


There are 3 options for lodging at the Texas Trail Camp.

  1. If you paid for lodging you will be in the Group Camping Hall which will fit about 70 people inside. There are bathrooms, a deck out back and  full commercial kitchen. The room is a large open room with a/c.
  2. You can choose the tent option which means that you can pitch a tent on the area that over the group hall. If you want privacy, share a tent with friends or just want to enjoy the stars we want you to have this option.
  3. If you choose the tent option you can also BOOK your own shelter/rv/campsite at the park. This is perfect if you want to your family, have a private cabin with friends or hook up an rv. 

what is included

  1. Trail Camp from Friday-Sunday
  2. Housing Available unless Chosen to Camp/Lodge Separately
  3. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Catered Meals. Vegan, Vegetarian Options Available.
  4. Swag Bag (Altra Shirt, Nathan Bottle, Feetures Socks, TROT Buff, Trail Toes, Camp Notebook and Materials)
  5. Finishers Medal for the Camp Race on Sunday
  6. Free Photos Post Race from Myke H. 


What to Bring

  1. The Obvious: clothes, running apparel, sleep bag, cot and toiletries. The main hall is one big open space so you will need to either be okay with sleeping on a bag on the ground or bringing a cot. 
  2. You will need to bring snacks for meals in between. We will have fruit, bars and some other sponsor goodies all day on tables but feel free to bring what you like. 


  1.  Children are allowed to attend the camp but they will need to attend with a parent and choose to tent camp or book your own accommodations in the park.
  2. Only those who are attending the camp may attend the camp. So even if you camp with your family they are not allowed to attend the classes or participate in the activities. 
  3. There is no alcohol allowed at the camp at all.