Lone Star 100

100M, 100k, and 100m/100k Relay

Feb 10th-11th 2018




The Lone Star 100 is a rugged, unforgiving mountain race located in the Southernmost tip of the rocky mountains in El paso, Texas. This is a true Texas mountain race. The races will start at around 5,000' altitude and climb to 7,192' for the 50k. Most of the trail is low desert with runnable terrain and some easy, technical segments. The climb to the North Franklin Peak is a combination of steep climbing and switchbacks.

And be prepared. It might get chilly out there.

100 Miler

100M will be 3 loops of 33.70 miles with Approx. 20,000 feet of gain and descent. The loops will be run washer style, so you will run the first clockwise and the 2nd counter clockwise and the last clockwise. Relay teams for the 100M are 3 people. 


100k will be 2 loops of 31.5 miles with Approx. 13,500 feet of gain and descent. The loops will be run washer style, so you will run the first clockwise and the 2nd counter clockwise. Relay teams for the 100k are 2 people. 

We did a course preview at Austin Trail Running Company. Check it out! 

Greg Luffey wrote a great write up on the Franklin Mountains Sky Race. This is about 95% of the course. The only difference is we dont go up Aztec Caves, we go to Upper Sunset to climb to Mundys. We also don't use the Ridgeline Trail to get to the gap, we use Cottonwood. 


Friday February 9th

12:00 pm - 7:00 pm Packet Pickup @ Start Line of The race, Tom Mays Unit, Upper Sunset Parking Lot
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm Racers Meeting (Not Mandatory, but you should go) @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot

Saturday February 10th

4:00 am - 7:00 am Packet Pickup @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot
5:00 am 100 miler Race Start @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot
6:00 am 100k Race Start @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot

Sunday Feb 11th

5:00 pm Cutoff @ Upper Sunset Parking Lot
8:00 pm post party @ Leo's on Remcon. Address: 7520 Remcon Cir, El Paso, TX 79912


There is a 36 hour cutoff for the 100M and 35 hour cutoff for the 100k.
24 hour cutoff is the HARD cutoff to start your last loop for 100 miler/100k.
30 hour cutoff for relay teams to start their last loop. 

Race Maps and Profiles


100 Miler

Loop 1 - 1.4 / 5.2 / 8.9 / 10.3 / 14.3 / 20.3 / 26.3 / 32.3 / 33.7 mi

Loop 2 - 35.1 / 41.1 / 47.1 / 53.1 / 57.1 / 58.5 / 62.2 / 66 / 67.4 mi

Loop 3 - 68.8 / 72.6 / 76.3 / 77.7 / 81.7 / 87.7 / 93.7 / 99.7 / 100.4 mi


The only difference in the course is that 100k don't do the Shaffer Shuffle.

Loop 1 - 1.4 / 4.2 / 7.9 / 9.3 / 13.3 / 19.3 / 25.3 / 31.3 / 32.7 mi

Loop 2 - 34.1 / 39.1 / 45.1 / 51.1 / 55.1 / 56.5 / 60.2 / 64 / 65.4 mi


We WILL have a hot food at ALL AID STATIONS and a HEAT SOURCE as well. 

All aid stations (5) are FULL AID STATIONS and will be full stocked with Texas Style goodies.

Drinks - Gatorade, Water, and Hammer Heed (sponsor)

Red Bull at all aid stations and pre/post race (sponsor)

Sodas - Coke, Ginger ale, and maybe some orange as well.

Electrolytes - Hammer Endurolytes

Sweets - Cookies, Candy, Peanut Butter, Nutella

Salty - Pringles, Trail Mix

PB&Js, Bean burrito rolls, fruit (bananas, oranges, seasonal fruits)

Bearded Brothers Bars (sponsor)

Medical - bandages, vasoline, band aids, etc. ( NO NSAIDS e.g. ibuprofen) 

Trail Toes at all aid stations with tape pre/post race (sponsor)

PM Foods- Quesadillas, Soups, Ramen, Potatoes, and fun concoctions

We will have everything you need at our aid stations and we usually throw in something to make it fun.
We have had sheet cake, pies, watermelon, etc… You never know what the surprise will be!


We DO NOT have cups at the aid stations for water. We do our best to limit the footprint we leave at races and on the trails, so we will not have any cups for you. We encourage all of our runners to have reusable cups, bottles, and hydration packs to carry water in.


100 Mile runners may have a pacer for the 3rd loop ONLY. Runners over age 65+ may have a pacer the entire time.

100k runners may have a pacer for the 2nd and final loop. 

Relay teams cannot have pacers. 


Crews are allowed at all aid stations provided you can get there.

There will be access to the east and west side of the mountain for crewing. There will be designated parking lots for this and you will have to walk 1 mile to each of those aid stations. A mile in and a mile back out. There is no spectating for these areas though. They are only for crewing. 

Upper Sunset Aid Station and Pavilion Aid Station are located inside of the park. 

Mundys Gap Aid Station is about 1.5-2.0 mile hike from the Mundys Gap Trail Head depending on which route you take. You would need to HIKE IN ONLY. 

East Aid Station: Go down Bowen road at the pipeline take a right. You will follow this until you come to a gate which will tell you to park and head west into the trail. We will mark this for crew access. Walk will be approx .3 of a mile. https://www.google.com/maps/place/31%C2%B057'37.8%22N+106%C2%B027'26.9%22W/@31.9605095,-106.4596457,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x0!8m2!3d31.960505!4d-106.457457

West Aid -> Hwy 85 North to Colonia Vista take a right. Left on Sotol to Canyon Ridge. We will make appropriate places to stop and park depending on conditions. This section is VERY ROUGH and would not be advised to take cars out here unless you plan on walking from when you turn on the road. From highway it would be about 3 miles. From where we park our trucks its about 1 mile in. 



You may have drop bags at the East, West, Pavillion, and Upper Sunset aid stations. Your drop bags can be dropped off Friday night or saturday by 4:45am. 

We will bring those bags back post race and have them for pickup monday-tuesday at race site. We will also bring them back to our warehouse post race as well. 


There is a $5 fee per person per day for entering in the park. Children under 12 are free. We, TROT, will be collecting the fee from you at packet pickup. You will receive a parking pass.

By purchasing a Texas State Parks Pass you will get free unlimited entry into Texas State Parks and discounts on camping as well.  http://tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/park-information/passes/park-passes#texas-state-parks-pass




From I-10 going West. Take the exit for 375 East/Transmountain Rd. After 3.5 miles on 375/Transmountain Rd the entrance to the park is on the left, Tom Mays Park Access Road.

The Tom Mays Unit is located at: 
Latitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) N:  31° 54' 29.40"
Longitude (degrees, minutes, seconds) W:  106° 31' 31.65"

Maps & Publications for Texas.gov of the park


The closest airport to this race would be El Paso International Airport


Hotel Lodging coming soon for event

The park has amazing primitive camping and is available through the TWPD site below



100 Miler & 100k

Top 3 Men/Women Overall

Top 2 Masters Male/Female 50+

100M/100K Relay Team

Top 3 Teams in Each Distance


All 100M finishers will receive a belt buckle. The silver is sub 36 hours and the gold is sub 24 hours. 
All 100K finishers will receive a belt buckle.
All 100M/100K runners will receive a relay medal

Race Swag

All 100M and 100K solo runners will get outerwear hoodies.

All relay teams will get a long sleeve shirt.



    100k Relay TeamS

    13:56:21 Team Presler

    16:06:55 Mas Korima

    19:42:22 Team USASMA

    19:42:48 Team Lost

    19:54:40 Mac n Tweed

    21:01:38 Notorious B.R.C.

    25:48:39 Have You Seen My Mother

    32:26:46 Team N.A.S.A.


    19:46:31 Team Tarahumara


    Facebook photo albums:

    Competitiors, Packet Pickup, Saturday, Sunday


    With any race comes a small army that works behind the scenes to make it all happen. We think volunteers are the MOST important part of any race and we do our best to provide them with the best as well. If you have never been on the other side of the table, give it a shot!

    Organizing a group to staff an aid station can be a great fundraiser opportunity for your organization. Earn up to $250 for your cause or that money can be used towards travel expenses among the members of your group, use it however you see fit.  

    Volunteer Shifts Range from 4-8 hours depending on the event.

    All of our volunteers will receive:

    Free park entry, an area to camp,  race merchandise, and a provided meal on race day.

    In Addition to this:

    *If you volunteer for (1) Shift at any race you will get 50% off registration for any of our events in the future.

    ** If you volunteer for (2) Shifts at one race you will receive A FREE 100% Comped Entry into any one of our races in the future.

    *** We will also have some shifts for our 100k and 100 mile races that we will give 100% comped entries for as well.

    If you would like to volunteer please emails us at volunteer@trailracingovertexas.com and we will send you a schedule of shifts that can be worked as well as a description of the jobs and what they entail.

    We will be providing VOLUNTEER TRAINING as well once you have been selected for the shifts.