8:00 am08:00

SFA State Park Clean Up

  • Stephen F Austin State Park


We are headed to SFA State Park home of the San Felipe Shootout to help them with the park. We are going to help them move the overlook up for the lower trails and do any work we can to assist this amazing park that was raveged by the floods in 2016. Come join us and help out the state park.

We will work from 8am-5pm doing as much as we can for the park. Please bring eye wear, gloves and something to carry water in.


Habanero Hundred
Aug 21

Habanero Hundred

  • 7il Ranch



100M, 100K, 50k, 100M (5 PERSON RELAY) AND 100K (5 PERSON RELAY)

AUGUST 20-21st 2016

7iL Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas





5:00 pm17:00

Franklin Mountains Trail Run Course Preview

  • Austin Trail Running Company


Franklin Mountains Trail Run Course Preview

From Austin Trail Running Company:

Please join us as we continue to highlight some of the great races coming up this fall with Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) Race Director Rob Goyen as we chat about the upcoming races at the Franklin Mountains, the Sky Runner Series and more! 

Join us for a great evening with friends, beer and talking about up first Skyrunning Race in Texas.

6:00 pm18:00

IRun Texas TROT Meet and Greet

  • Irun texas


IRun Texas TROT Meet and Greet

We are headed out to IRun Texas at Dominion Ridge to do a little trail running and chatting. We will be talking TROT, trail and giving away some swag as well. We will meet at 6pm to jump out a do a little 3-4 mile trail run and head back to the store. We will be giving away some TROT gear and an free entry to a future race as well. 

7:00 am07:00

TROT Meet and Greet at Austin Trail Running Company

  • Austin Trail Running Company

TROT Meet and Greet at Austin Trail Running Company

We are headed to Austin to run the trails, hang at the Austin Trail Company and talk TROT. We will also be showing the Trails In Motion 4 film festival at night as well.


7am 3-5 mile run from the store on the trails
8:30 In Store for a Prodcut Demo from Altra, TROT Information and a raffle. 
9-10am eat and chill with ATX Running Company

That night at 7pm we will also host the Trails in Motion 4 at the ATX Running Company as well. So dont miss out as there is only 50 spots for this. 


6:30 pm18:30

Trot Run with Texas Running Company

  • Texas Running Company

TROT Run with Texas Running Company

We will be at the Texas Running Company on April 21st for a group run and some post race run. Here about the TROT races, some great vendors and win something in the raffle.

We will start the group run at 6:30pm for about an hour and head back to the store to chat about Trail Racing, meet vendors and do a great raffle.

On the Run TROT Meet and Greet
7:00 pm19:00

On the Run TROT Meet and Greet

  • One The Run

On the Run TROT Meet and Greet

We are headed off to On the Run Beaumont April 7th for a TROT meet and greet. Below is the itinerary.

6pm we will go out on a good little 3 mile run.
6:45 we will have some refreshments and food at the store. 
We will have some guests speak from Beaumont, Team TROT and from TROT. We will also conclude the evening with a great raffle with some swag and gear.

Trot Cup Spring Fling at Lukes Locker
7:00 pm19:00

Trot Cup Spring Fling at Lukes Locker

  • Luke's Locker

TROT Cup Spring Fling

We are excited to do something different this year for the Spring Trail Race Calendar. We are assembling some of the awesome sponsors for the TROT races and TROT cup to all show off their new gear for everyone. In addition to this we will be doing discounts on those brand in house with Lukes and doing a HUGE raffle as well. A perfect way to get to see all the new items on the market from folks like Altra, Nathan, Tailwind and More.. Join us for some food, drinks, fun and a big raffle.