Rob and Rachel Goyen 

Race Directors

Trail Racing Over Texas (TROT) is a trail racing organization that specializes in providing the best trail racing experience to all of our runners. Our race series will include a variety of distances from 5k’s to ultra-marathons, kid’s only races, and even night races. Because TROT is a community based company, we aim to always involve and benefit the community by giving back in various ways. While challenging our advanced trail runners, we want to encourage all levels of runners to come and experience the wonders of trail running in Texas. TROT is devoted to bringing more awareness to our Texas State Parks and Wildlife Department by placing our races primarily in Texas State Parks. Our races are not only implemented to challenge our runners physically and mentally, but to share to beauty and charm that our Texas State Parks have to offer. After all, everything is bigger and better in Texas!

Ed Sanchez

Brand Manager/Creative director

What I love about the trail community?
I really like that the trail running community is so diverse and varied, there are people from all walks of life, different backgrounds, and a whole range of ages. I also like that, compared to other endurance sports, the trail community has very few egos and most everyone is friendly, even when toeing the start line.

Best part of trail races?
One of the best parts of trail races, aside from getting to run in the mountains and woods, has to be the volunteers. In my experience, it's always great to come to an aid station where the volunteers go above and beyond the basic duties of filling up bottles and handing out nutrition. They can also be a great source of encouragement when you're in a low point of a long race and you get to a station that has some really great folks smiling and starting conversation with you while they are getting you in and out as quick as you need. That can really boost morale and keep runners motivated to keep going, especially toward those last miles.

Favorite trail ever run?
One of my favorite trails I've ever run has to be the The North Face 50 mile course in Park City, Utah. I've been to some beautiful places, but this place was really breathtaking. When traversing some of the ridge lines and peaks, the views were majestic, just mountains and valleys as far as the eye could see. The pictures I took didn't come close to doing them justice. They really are something you've got to see for yourself. 

What inspires me daily?
I'm continually inspired by many things every day, but a few that are always constant for me are: God, his creation (nature), and my lovely wife and our two amazing sons. Being a musician, I'm also inspired by listening to great songwriters, and almost always inspired by merely looking out the window and observing the world around me.