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Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Update post Wildflower Half

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Update Post Wildflower Half

Well as with any new point system I knew that it would take a year at least for everyone to get the hang of the points and also for there to be true competitiveness in it as well. Wildflower was an equalizer since it was closer to some groups that others and that really shook the rankings up. 

Our Top 3 Men with Jeff Ball, Andre Fuqua and Steve Moore stayed the same as none of them ran the Wildflower Half. Team TROT runner Dan Bucci after his win moved into 5th overall, Cody Wollard's solid performance moved him into 7th and Marc Henn's consistent approach has him in 10th. 

TEAM TROT runner Tracie Akerhielm retained her lead but Team TROT runner Lauren Ross moved into a solid 2nd place after winning the Wildflower Half. Jenna Jurica who won the 10k at Wildflower moved into a solid 3rd place within striking distance of the lead. 

Where there is smoke there is FIRE... And the Brazos Running Club is ON FIRE right now. They send the troops out in full force to the Wildflower Half and hit the Jackpot. 

The Golden Triangle Strutters tacked on 6 points to push them to 173.4 and sole leader of the CLub Standings. The Brazos Running Club put up over 59 points to move them past the HATRs into 2nd place with 110 points. The Houston Area Trail Runners picked up 25 points to pull them up to 94 points. Team RWB add 10 to their 47 point total and the Lone Star Spartans added 5 points to get them to 33. 

In our volunteer contest James "im here every race" Limbaga leads the volunteers followed by Eddie Williams and Robyn Thompkins.

So the places are moving and everything that goes with it. The Texas Treasure Quest is a points based game so it does not count but we will resume with the August 6th Night Moves Trail Run. 


Trail Racing Over Texas Cup presented by Altra Running Update

TROT Cup Updated Standings


Team TROT runner Jeff Ball after winning the Horseshoe Trail Run came out and won all 3 race at the San Felipe Shootout as well. Jeff is the defending TROT Cup Champion and has already extended his lead after 2 races. Andre Fuqua who was 2nd at Horseshoe showed up big time at San Felipe as well with a few 3rd place finishes so he sits at 2nd place in the Cup Series. Steven Moore ran 2nd all day at San Felipe and it earned him the 3rd spot on the list with 2 races down. 


Team Trot runner Tracie Akerhilem who was 2nd in the TROT CUP after Horseshoe came out blazing winning all of the 3 womens races at the San Felipe Shootout securing the#1 spot. Jenna Jurica who was 2nd overall at the shootout jumped into the 2nd spot for the TROT CUP. Team TROT Runner Lauren Ross put together solid races at both Horseshoe and San Felipe to take the 3rd overall spot. 

Club Championships

The 2016 Champion Golden Triangle Strutters have wasted NO TIME getting back to what mad them famous the last 2 years. They extended their points up to 90 points for the first 2 races of the season. The Houston Area Trail Runners headed by recent new president Marc Gehringer are recruiting runners and ended up with 24 points after 2 races. The Lone Star Spartans have enjoyed the wet, crazy weather and hold 3rd with 17 points. Just out of the 3rd spot is Team RWB with 12.84 points for 4th place.

Volunteer Points

James Limbaga one of the 3 volunteers of the year has already taken this year by storm with 2 races. Eddie Williams worked both the first 2 races of the year and pulled up with 24 hours in 2 races. Julia Gonzalez who also worked both races coasts into 3rd for 20+ hours as well. 

All of the full results, age groups, clubs and volunteer points are below. 

You can view all RESULTS HERE

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Standings after Jackalope Jam

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Standings 

Overall Men's

Jeff Ball won the 6hr men's race to stay atop the TROT CUP Standings with 159 points while Matt Zmolek boosted with back to back wins came in with just over 100 points. Newly minted Team TROT runner Dan Bucci was 2nd in the 6hr giving him enough points to move into 3rd place. Big jumpers in the points where Wayne Schlosser now in 10th, Terence Murphy in 11th, Orlando Galvan in 12th and Mark Gehringer in 15th.

Men's Age Groups

Jeff Ball continues to dominate the 0-29 age group, 30-39 was taken over by Matt Zmolek, with Dan Bucci and Cal Neff nipping at his heels. In the 40-49 Jeff Miller sits in 1st, Mark Gehringer made a move to 2nd and Mark Berman is grasping onto 3rd place. 50-59 Buddy Howlett continues to dominate but Brian Beard with his recent Jackalope success pulls up in 2nd for the age group. 60-69 Wayne Schlosser is running away with it after his Blazing 7s and Jackalope performances. Nofal Musfy is holding on tightly to the 70-79 age group as well.

Overall Women's

Tracie Akerhielm with her 1st place at 6hr Jackalope continues to dominate the TROT Cup Standings. New TEAM TROT runner Julie Koepke holds 2nd with just over a 1 point lead. Shannon Warning moved up to 7th with her JackJam performance as did 10th Kay Scott, 11th Kimberly Palacios, 12th Amy Kelly and 13th Rachel Adamson.

Women's Age Groups  

Kate Papenberg and Melinda Coen continue to lead the 0-29 age group from the 1st of the year. Tracie Akerhielm is out front in the 30-39 with Julie Koepke in 2nd and new winner of the 12 hour Jackalope Jam race Rachel Adamson.  IN the 40-49 Sherry Scott still leads over Becky Nesbitt with Shannon Warning, Kay Scott and Amy Kelly nipping at their heels from the Jackalope Jam points. Becky Howlett, Dawn Burris and Martha Hilton are the top 3 for the 50-59 women and close enough where it is anybodies ball game in the last 2 races. Anesha Golden and Nancy Holcomb are our 1-2 combo for the 60-69. Thelma Richardson boots her solo route after Jackalope Jam to the top spot in the cup championship. 

With 2 races left most of the age groups and the overall leads can all change. With franklin mountains being a 50k 13.1, 10k and 5k Brazos Bend having 100 miler, 50 miler, 26.2 and 13.1 races even the tenth of a point can mean everything.

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Updates


With the Blazing 7s race offering a 100k, 50k, 25k and 10k there was quite a few points to gain with all the distances.

Matt Zmolek with his win in the 100k moved up to 4th place in the overall rankings and Buddy Howlett also scored in the 25k moving within a few spots of the overall podium. Jeff Miller moved up to 8th place with his 50k win also cracking the top 10 for the 2nd time this year to round out the moves in the top 10 overall.

Jeff Ball continues the run away in the 0-29 but there is an almost 6 way tie in the 30-39 age group so its all up for grabs the last 3 races. Jeff Miller 40-49 and Buddy Howlett 50-59 extended their leads in their age groups as well after Blazing 7s. Wayne Schlosser with his 100k performance put some distance in the 60-69 and Mr Musfy continues to sit atop the over 70 group. 

The #8,9 and 10 all changed hands with the Blazing 7s Women;s Overall points. Kimberly Palacios, Mari Zapata and Melissa Linan all scored points and have cracked the top 10.

Kate Paperberg still leads the points for the 0-29 with some ladies starting to chip away at her leads while Tracie Akerhilem overall leader is way out in front in the 30-39 category. Sherry Scott leads Becky Nesbitt by a few points in the 40-49 category and Dawn Burris with her 100k finish takes the lead in the 50-50 category. Nancy Holcomb moves into 2nd in the 60-69 and Thelma Richardson is owning the 70+ age group as well. 

The Strutters extended their lead over the Houston Area Trail Runners by over a 100 with their members who scored highly in the 100k and other races. We saw TEAM RWB get the hang of it with a great 40 point jump to move them into 3rd place overall as well. 

With there being 3 races left in the 2015 TROT schedule it will come down to the last race at Brazos Bend 100. The Jackalope Jam could really shake the points up with the 24 hour runners getting the opportunity to rack up big points with mileage.


Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup October 1st Updated Standings

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup Updated Standings

The Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup has been heating up since the summer races have been in full swing. Habanero Hundred proved to be a huge boost for many runners in the series as the course took out more than 50% of the field. The easier paced Night Moves Trail Run brought in a slew of new trail runners and one of the fastest fields we have seen in recent months. After the dust settled here are your overall leaders, top teams and top volunteers.

Overall Men's

Jeff Ball 130.75

Calum Neff 66.09

Peter Muessig 62.76

Aaron Wieczorek 57.93

Buddy Howlett 55.19

Daniel Bucci 54.86

Overall Women's

Tracie Akerhielm 133.17

Julie Koepke 60.13

Kate Papenberg 59.30

Sherry Scott 58.33

Becky Nesbitt 50.38

Team Cup Standings

Golden Triangle Strutters 235.25

Houston Area Trail Runners 201.58

Rockhoppers 60.13

Team RWB 60.01

Bayou City Road Runners 41.25

Lone Star Spartans 32.44

Runner's High Club 32.42

Houston Galloway 25.25

Volunteer Standings

KurtBush 38

TinaBarr 35

JamesLimbaga 31

JenniferLimbaga 31

MaryAbernathy 28

SantiagoMorales 28

DanielPachon 27

AlbertoMedellin 24

AllenLimbaga 24

BeckySpaulding 24

NadineLimbaga 24

LarryKocian 23

KevinKonken 22

CrystalBerkes 21

ChrisHamilton 20

James Villanueva 20

NickOrtega 19.5

BobSmither 17

CJ (Cathy)Peters 17

With 4 races left in the TROT calendar it looks like it will come down to the wire on all accounts.  

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Trail Racing Over Texas announces Jackalope Jam 6hr, 12hr and 24 hour race Oct 17th 2015

JACKALOPE JAM 6hr-12hr-24hr

Oct 17th-18th

Carbide Park  Hitchcock, Texas

Trail Racing Over Texas brings our first timed event with the Jackalope Jam on October 17th that will start at 7am. The race will be on a 1 mile loop at Carbide Park in Hitchcock Texas. The track is a mix of gravel trail and cement that will loop at the front of the park. 

We will offer free camping for the saturday evening of the race for those participating. All registered runners will receive a tech shirt at packet pickup, full aid stations with support and amazing medals/buckles. We will have medals for those who eclipse the 26.2/50 mile mark and buckles for those who hit the 100k/100m mark as well. 

We will be pushing the jackalope theme through the event with shirts, medals and promo items that all detail the mythical creature that is the Jackalope. 

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings 

The Brazos Bend 50 was a great test of endurance for all of the runners on April 25th 2015. The runners had to deal with rain, hail, mud and then the sun at the end of the day. Once the rain stopped the runners started to come in with some really impressive times. 

There was a few shake ups in the top men's and women's field for the Trot Cup as well. Team TROT runner Tracie Akerhielm won the 50k overall and cemented herself in the #1 spot for the overall standings. Team TROT runner Melinda Coen had a great 4th place finish in the 50 miler and put herself in 3rd place in the overall female standings. 

Team TROT runner Jeff Ball trailed Team TROT runner Cal Neff from the San Felipe Shootout and entered into the 50k. Jeff finished 2nd overall and took over the points lead for the TROT Cup. Cal Neff who was in Turkey running with Red Bull slid to 2nd place. Daniel Bucci who race strong at San Felipe Shootout was the 4th male in the 50k and is your 3rd male in the TROT Cup Standings. 

The Team Cup Standings will be available after the Horseshoe Trail Run and will start updating after each race there after. 

For a full listing of the Trail Racing Over Texas Cup as well as age group standings follow HERE