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Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Updates


With the Blazing 7s race offering a 100k, 50k, 25k and 10k there was quite a few points to gain with all the distances.

Matt Zmolek with his win in the 100k moved up to 4th place in the overall rankings and Buddy Howlett also scored in the 25k moving within a few spots of the overall podium. Jeff Miller moved up to 8th place with his 50k win also cracking the top 10 for the 2nd time this year to round out the moves in the top 10 overall.

Jeff Ball continues the run away in the 0-29 but there is an almost 6 way tie in the 30-39 age group so its all up for grabs the last 3 races. Jeff Miller 40-49 and Buddy Howlett 50-59 extended their leads in their age groups as well after Blazing 7s. Wayne Schlosser with his 100k performance put some distance in the 60-69 and Mr Musfy continues to sit atop the over 70 group. 

The #8,9 and 10 all changed hands with the Blazing 7s Women;s Overall points. Kimberly Palacios, Mari Zapata and Melissa Linan all scored points and have cracked the top 10.

Kate Paperberg still leads the points for the 0-29 with some ladies starting to chip away at her leads while Tracie Akerhilem overall leader is way out in front in the 30-39 category. Sherry Scott leads Becky Nesbitt by a few points in the 40-49 category and Dawn Burris with her 100k finish takes the lead in the 50-50 category. Nancy Holcomb moves into 2nd in the 60-69 and Thelma Richardson is owning the 70+ age group as well. 

The Strutters extended their lead over the Houston Area Trail Runners by over a 100 with their members who scored highly in the 100k and other races. We saw TEAM RWB get the hang of it with a great 40 point jump to move them into 3rd place overall as well. 

With there being 3 races left in the 2015 TROT schedule it will come down to the last race at Brazos Bend 100. The Jackalope Jam could really shake the points up with the 24 hour runners getting the opportunity to rack up big points with mileage.


Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings Updated

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings

Fresh off of the San Felipe Shootout we have updated and calculated all the points for the TROT CUP. Each point counts for every race as there is more than $3500 in Cash and more up for grabs for individuals and age group winners.  Per the rules of the Cup all runners are included in the individual and age group winnings. You do not have to have a minimum about of races to qualify and the relays will accumulate points as well for the individual runners. 

We are allowing Teams to submit members that may have run but forgot to declare a team until after the Horseshoe Trail Run on May 16th. After that date your points will start for your team once you declare your team even if you forget until later in the year.  We want to make sure that is it fair for the 2nd half of the year and teams don't pick up runners who happen to be collecting more points. 

To see the results click HERE

If you have already run or plan to run in our series anytime in the year take a minute out and declare which team you run for HERE