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Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup October 1st Updated Standings

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup Updated Standings

The Trail Racing Over Texas TROT Cup has been heating up since the summer races have been in full swing. Habanero Hundred proved to be a huge boost for many runners in the series as the course took out more than 50% of the field. The easier paced Night Moves Trail Run brought in a slew of new trail runners and one of the fastest fields we have seen in recent months. After the dust settled here are your overall leaders, top teams and top volunteers.

Overall Men's

Jeff Ball 130.75

Calum Neff 66.09

Peter Muessig 62.76

Aaron Wieczorek 57.93

Buddy Howlett 55.19

Daniel Bucci 54.86

Overall Women's

Tracie Akerhielm 133.17

Julie Koepke 60.13

Kate Papenberg 59.30

Sherry Scott 58.33

Becky Nesbitt 50.38

Team Cup Standings

Golden Triangle Strutters 235.25

Houston Area Trail Runners 201.58

Rockhoppers 60.13

Team RWB 60.01

Bayou City Road Runners 41.25

Lone Star Spartans 32.44

Runner's High Club 32.42

Houston Galloway 25.25

Volunteer Standings

KurtBush 38

TinaBarr 35

JamesLimbaga 31

JenniferLimbaga 31

MaryAbernathy 28

SantiagoMorales 28

DanielPachon 27

AlbertoMedellin 24

AllenLimbaga 24

BeckySpaulding 24

NadineLimbaga 24

LarryKocian 23

KevinKonken 22

CrystalBerkes 21

ChrisHamilton 20

James Villanueva 20

NickOrtega 19.5

BobSmither 17

CJ (Cathy)Peters 17

With 4 races left in the TROT calendar it looks like it will come down to the wire on all accounts.  

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