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Meet Team TROT Ambassador Venus Turner


1.) What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016?
Personal- going back to school
Running- I want to run my first 100k and my first 100 miler. Run more 50 milers and of course improve my times.
Will be running road races such as The Woodlands Marathon, TIR Relay and Mexico City Marathon.

2.) How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport?
I've been running 7 years the first 4 1/2 years I was a recreational runner and never ran a race before. Everything changed once I ran my first 5k. I started running as part of warm up at a boot camp class I took. I didn't know I was going to like running. After I finished the class I'd go a run around the neighborhood. Started by running a mile and increased the distance until I was able to run 6 miles everyday. It's funny because I was embarrassed to run in shorts and tank tops so I'd wear sweat pants and short sleeve shirts.

3.) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of?
My first 50 mile race made me feel so proud of myself and of that big accomplishment.

4.) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in?
I have been training at the gym with free weights and a personal trainer.

5.) Other than running and being an amazing human being, whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the day to day? Another one of the things I love as much as running is cooking! I love cooking and being able to create dishes and play with the flavors of the food! That keeps me busy.