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Team TROT Ambassador: Charles Fisher

The 2018 TROT Ambassador Team is here!  Starting this week, we will profile one outstanding Ambassador so you can get to know them!  We will start our introductions with Charlie Fisher, who is a newbie to the Ambassador Team but a certified PRO to the Houston trail running community.  Enjoy Charlie’s answers to our thought provoking questions below :)

10 Questions with Charlie:

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I can curl my tongue. That is the only thing that comes to mind…Useless I don't know?

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?

Not Running Related - Falling out of a tree and ending up with a broken arm when I was about 9 years old.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

“Really Ugly Shark Tired Of Being Mistaken For Hammerhead” reported by the Onion? Fake news, who knows these things?? It was a semi intriguing read!! Poor ugly shark

What is the most distant place you’ve visited? Innsbruck, Austria

Favorite running shoes

Altra Lone Peak 3.5. I love this shoe, they were my 3rd pair of Lone Peaks. I'll keep buying them until they discontinue them. Gotta love Altras!!


Favorite time of day to run

In the morning, right before sunrise. There is nothing like watching the sun come up over the horizon while running. It’s intoxicating. If you are a runner you get it, If not that sucks for you. Sleep tight.


Favorite song on your playlist

Mess is Mine - by Vance Joy

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Oh boy, I’d have to say my first 50 Miler at Brazos Bend this past December. That was a very special day for me, not only for the accomplishment but for the people I got to share it with.

Favorite ice cream flavor

Coffee!! A close second is Pistachio


What trait do you like most about yourself?

I've been told that I’m very “Go with the flow..” For example if someone asks me….. “Hey, what pace or finish time are you looking for at a race?”… I’ll generally say, “However this body performs today is what I got...” I’m very chill that way and I like to think that is how I am in everyday life. So I suppose I can be fairly chill….Relaxed and out going perhaps?


Meet Stephen Moore Team TROT Ambassador

Stephen Moore

1- Going into 2016 is to get healthy 1st after a injury late in 2015 and focus on getting as prepared as I can for Leadville Trail 100.  I'll run as many TROT races as I can ending 2016 back at Brazos Bend for hopefully another 100 mile finish. 


2- I've been running seriously for 2 years. I tried it for a few months in 2013 but it didn't stick.  I started running because I wanted to change my life.  Someone told me once to get a hobby so after running some in the Air Force years ago I thought why not? Once I got on trails and shortly after discovering Ultra's I was hooked and now sink most of my life around this great sport. 


3- My most recent finish that I'm proud of was Pumpkin Hollar 100. I had pacers but went without a crew and other than turning a ankle bad 70 miles in, I had a really cool day. 


4- I recently got back into the gym pretty heavy.  Like 6 days a week.  I tried it some in 2015 and it helped but when I stopped is when I eventually wound up getting hurt. Core & Strength training is so under rated and I'm fortunate enough to have a coach that pushes me hard to go get that extra work in daily. 


5- To pay for my running I'm a product support rep for a heavy equipment company. Basically I try to solve issues with customers and/or my employer.  It's a cool gig n allows me some freedom to stick to a training plan with my run    My other passion outside of running is live music. I love the independent bands where guys just scrape by playing songs that they've written.