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Jackalope Jam Race Recap

Jackalope Jam 6/12/24 hr Race Recap

Jackalope Jam's start was 7am for all the 6hr/12hr and 24hr participants at Carbide Park. 

Team TROT runners Jeff Ball and Tracie Akerhielm shot out of the gates early and within 5 miles were out front and running strong. Jamie Gauthier kept pace as the miles went on with Dan Bucci contesting each lap as well. Mckenzie Morse ran as the 2nd female all day long and looked strong as the miles passed one after the next. Staci Rogge stayed consistent all day long and finished with the 3rd female spot.

Brice Fournier lead the 12-hour men's race from start to when he 50 miles. Once he shut it down Orlando Galvan and Brett Cole went lap for lap the last 2 hours. With only 30 minutes left the race was down to the last mile. Orlando and brett both ran the last 30 minutes to finish 1-2 a half lap a part. Orlando nosed on Brett for the 12-hour win and Brice ended up 3rd. Consistent Rachel Adamson had a plan all day and stuck to it to the T. Becky and Martha Hilton both worked extremely hard all day and scooped up the 2-3 spot for the ladies.

TEAM TROT runner Matt Zmolek took the lead early for the 24-hour race and never looked back. He was closely followed by Marc Gehringer, Shannon Wanning, Kay Scott and dark horse Wayne Schlosser. As the miles went on Wayne and Kay got stronger. In the last 20 miles Wayne moved into 2nd place and Kay took the lead for the ladies. In the end Matt, Wayne and Kay all received their 100 mile buckles in under 24 hours. Marc Gehringer was 3rd male. Shannon Wanning was 2nd female and Michelle Gochis was 2rd female.

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