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Meet TROT Ambassador: James Villanueva

James Villanueva


1) What is your goals in 2016? My goal is to do my first 100k and 100 miler.. I would also want to do the TROT two step!!!

2) How long have you been running? I have been running off and on since 2010.

Two knee surgeries and maybe ankle surgery soon...:( I was 225 and entered a biggest loser contest at work. I won the grand prize which was about 1200$. I also lost 76 lbs in the process...! Running allows me to unwind for the day to day operations of life..

3) What is your most proud accomplishment? Franklin Mts. I walked 99.9 of the 50k with  a torn ankle tendon just to have that awesome metal!!!

4) What other outdoor pursuits do you have? Since I can't run I took up Disc golf!!! I love the outdoors!!!!! I love to lift weights as well!!!

5) What do you do when your not running? I'm an administrative driver... For PSI in Temple... I like to think I'm a jack of all trades there.