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Guest Blogger: Pat Sweeney

I genuinely love to run I can’t remember ever regretting the decision to do so but sometimes it’s hard to get started. You may be in a funk and it’s easy to sit on your ass, so to combat your excuse to be lazyhere are a few ways to stay motivated and get your butt out the door.

1. THE BREAKFAST RUN (Follow your nose)

This one is for all you people living in the city or in suburbia.  I'm not much of a big breakfast person plus I don’t eat meat but I still love the smell of cooking bacon.  One of my favorite times to run is early morning on the weekend. Every home you pass provides opportunity for a different smell,  from waffles and Syrup to ham and eggs.  Let your nose be your guide.  Go smell the localcoffee shop,  the bakery or local diner and if you wanna stop to eat?  Go for it. Just make sure you are not to stuffed to run home afterwards.

2. Bird Watching    (ornithology)

Awhile back ago I got small chart of the local birds where I live.  There are about 25 different birds I see on regular basis.  A few years ago I even saw a Blue footed Booby. Little things can bring you great joy.  I watch the squadrons of pelicans sail by when a storm is coming and enjoy the awesome mohawks of the local terns.  Most of the birds where I live do not migrate but when I see the few that do returning in the fall it’s like seeing an old friend and that brings a big smile to my face.

3. Audiobooks

(Nobody has to know you are listening to “Fifty Shades of Grey” and not Dr.Dre)

When I know I need to get in miles and it doesn't matter how long it takes nothing beats a good a Audio Book.  If you got the bucks to spend Audible is pretty awesome and they offer a couple credits to first time subscribers. some of my favorites include Ready Player ONE, The Martian or guilty pleasures like Harry Potter, Twilight, or the Hunger Games series.If you are too poor to purchase from Audible try Librovox all their book are free and in the public domain.


4. Start a collection (Shovels are cool)

Last week I found 41 during shovels during one run (a New world record). if you follow my instagram (Bourbonfeet) you will see a lot of shovel pics   I repurpose the shovels as one of kind finisher amulets to races that I hold.  In 4 years I have given away over 500 of them.  The rest I give away to children. I never Imagined I would find such joy in shovel collecting.  If I wasn’t there to pick them up they would get thrown away or destroyed by the tractors that comb the beach leaving pieces of litter that gets washed out to sea. It’s pretty ridiculous, it’s stupid, it's silly and it is yet another thing that keeps me motivated. You never know what you are gonna find


5. Destination run (Earn your happy hour.)

 Run to your favorite bar or Restaurant or on the other side of town. If you hankering for some crappy food or beer you might as well burn some calories first. It’s also good practice for running in an Ultra since the longer you run the more you gotta eat. It’s probably a good idea to get at least 2 orders of guacamole so that you have enough energy to run back. .

6.Start a blog (You might get some groupies.)


Do people actually read this crap "HaHA!" Well you do, so maybe someone else does as well :)  Write about daily run, do gear reviews, (chances are you get some free stuff in the process) or write about that collection of crap started hoarding. It’s good outlet to be creative and even if your mom is your only reader she will be proud of her now famous running kin.


7.  Searchfor art. (It’s Everywhere)

 Art and inspiration can be found almost anywhere.  “Wake Up and Frolic” is pretty much my mantra for life. 

8. Learn to forage. (No need to carry gels anymore)

Just be careful where you pick you dandelions .I know of at least 20 different fruit trees in my town. Sometimes I will watch an avocado for weeks waiting for it to grow to maturity(exciting stuff I know)and if it hanging over into the public domain.  Well I consider it fair game.  There is so much to eat out on the trail you just got to know what to look for.  You can even make money at it if you know the right kind of mushrooms to collect. 


9. earnLay Away ewLay anguageLay.

Learn a New Language

(Spectacular is part of my vernacular) 

Although I have yet to grasp the english in my first 36 years of life .  I have started listening to some spanish lessons and well?  “Me Gusta!”

10.Get a fitness tracker

Some people love strava and that’s cool.  I just like to draw pictures with my gps (Too bad I lost that domain name Doh!)  Earlier this summer I found a fitbit on the beach and I actually really dig it. That reminds I gotta get some steps in.