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Team Trot Ambassador Christina Pierce


If you Google the phrase “tough as nails,” you will see a picture of Christina Pierce as the only search result.  Christina is a 2nd year ambassador who splits her time between a fulltime nursing career and crushing every ultramarathon race that she shows up for.  Christina finished BB100k as the 1st Female overall, cementing her status as a true competitor in the Texas trail running scene.  Don’t even think about getting on the podium when you see Christina getting ready to start a race!

10 Questions with Christina:

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I have this insane ability to wake up about 10 minutes before my alarm clock goes off. With. Out. Fail. I work night shift 3 nights a week, and it doesn’t matter if my alarm is set for an a.m. or p.m. time. I can beat it by at least 10 minutes. I would gladly trade this useless talent for anyone else’s useless talent.

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?

When I was younger and dating the man who is now my husband, I jumped up from the dining room table and ran full speed to answer what I thought was the phone ringing. I slammed my foot into the china cabinet and probably broke a couple toes. They were purple and mangled for weeks. To add insult to injury, the phone wasn’t ringing. My ears played a trick on me.

Whats the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I have been reading through a blog from a guy named Jacob Evans who thru hiked the Lone Star Hiking Trail recently. I’m just picking up bits of information here and there. I’m hoping that a group of friends might want to team up to complete the hike next spring.  

What is the most distant place you’ve visited?

I spent a Thanksgiving holiday in Seattle, Washington one year visiting my sister. My Air Force enlistment took me to Idaho, Mississippi, and Missouri, but I was born and raised in Texas and came back as quick as I could.

Favorite running shoes?

I am a big fan of Hoka One One. I usually run in Cliftons on the road, but for trails I am in love with the Speedgoat 2. They are the Wacky Wall Walkers of trail shoes (google that Millennials). I have taken the Speedgoat through the swampy conditions of the Horseshoe Trail run, the sands of 7iL, the hills of Cactus Rose, and to the peak of Franklin Mountain, and they have held up well in all conditions and kept my feet happy.

Favorite time of day to run?

I like to hit the road at about 4-5am. I love running in the dark. I love to see the stars and catch the sunrise. Even in a 100 mile race, those night time hours are my most favorite time. I love to be alone with my thoughts and being out there while the rest of the world sleeps. I can remember a time quite a few years ago when I was worried that in a 50-mile race I would still be out there after dark. I considered a pacer just so I wouldn’t be alone. Now I will jump at the chance to be on the trail at night.

Favorite song on your playlist?

I am always digging for music for my playlist that really inspires me or helps me to see the beauty around me when I am out running. I really love groups like The Head and the Heart and songs by Peter Bradley Adams (look them up, good stuff). My favorite song right now is a song called “Where the Mountain Meets the Valley” by Joshua Hyslop. I added it to my playlist just before Lone Star 100 and I just go back to it over and over.

Listen here

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

As hard as running a 100 mile race is, nursing school was harder by several magnitudes. I am most proud of the fact that I had the guts to go back to school after being a stay-at-home mom for 10 years to follow my dream of becoming a nurse. Being a nurse is absolutely insane, and I LOVE it! I find a lot of the personality characteristics that it takes to be an ultrarunner work very well for me as a nurse…looking at gross feet, dealing with bodily functions, and just having the ability to just laugh at the ridiculousness of situations you end up in.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint Chocolate Chip. It is the ONLY flavor.

What trait do you like most about yourself?

One of my friends told me a few months ago that she admires that I always “make the payments”. I am not a “fake it until you make it” kind of person. If a challenge requires a certain amount of training or hard work I get the work done and show up prepared for the challenge.



The Trail to your Goal - A matter of Perspective

The Trail to Your Goal – A Matter of Perspective

By Tammy Roen

I remember my introduction to trail running and how I made that first leap from pavement to the feel of the earth… the actual earth… beneath my feet.  In my time running, racing and chasing my goals, I’ve had the good fortune to meet many great fellow runners along the trail, so often offering kind and encouraging words to me as they went by.  As I think of the many faces I’ve come to recognize on the trails and at events, and how so many have shared their own goals and dreams with me, I can’t help but note the diversity and the commonalities among runners.  Oh, certainly there are differences in gender, age and other obvious factors, but I’m actually referring to the diversity of motivation and what gets each of us out of bed at 0500 to light up the trail even before the sun does.  For some, it’s all about that desire to compete… to test one’s metal against a field of worthy competitors and ultimately stand on the podium.  For others, it’s simply the satisfaction of completing a course… perhaps checking another box on that bucket list of trails to be run, or improving on a previous time.  For all, it’s a time not just of personal accomplishment, but of enjoying the beauty of nature and accepting the challenges it can present.  I am no exceptional runner!  In fact, if I am ever called an “elite,” it will most certainly be followed by the sound of my alarm, waking me from my dream so I can begin my daily run.  Most events find me in the middle to the back of the pack, depending on my recent training.  Yet, over the years I’ve come to embrace some special joys that can be found there.  Not feeling any time pressure, it’s not unheard of for me to simply stroll along for a bit and become a “Trail Angel” for others who are perhaps at a low point and may really need one.

I was once asked by a friend if I ever placed in races.  I told them that I always placed… sometimes 52nd, but everyone who finishes places somewhere!  For me, I think it would be more accurate to describe my “place” in a run from the perspective of what I was able to impart to others and what I was able to take from the day.  I’ve admittedly lost the trail at times, but I’ve never lost heart.  I will always stand in awe of those runners who lead the pack and tame the trails like I may never quite be able to, but if I can stop along the trail and offer assistance to someone who is cramping, sick, or sitting on the side of the trail wanting to stop, there is a special type of good feeling I will take away from helping them out… and perhaps even a new friendship.  Sometimes, all that’s needed are a few words of encouragement to persuade them to just walk with me to the next aid station and reassess things there.  In fact, that may be all it takes for them to find the motivation to finish their race.  I love sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over the years regarding heat training, nutrition, gear opinions, or how to recover or prevent some injuries as we continue along the trail together.   A shared journey is always an opportunity to trade information about other courses, upcoming races, or the benefits of volunteering with an organization such as TROT, which is a fairly recent endeavor for me, but one I have thoroughly enjoyed.  It gives me great pleasure to cheer people on throughout the race via high fives, kind or motivating words or just telling them “Come on let’s do the next mile together!”  Perhaps I’ve found my calling out there while sweating and trotting along toward the back of the pack.  For all of you who run the trails, I would simply say this – whether you are just starting out, or whether you are nipping at the heels of that elite level you’ve worked so hard to achieve, always take time for a little introspection!  You just may find that the trail to your goal is lined with the dreams of many… and they are absolutely amazing!

Last but Not Least.. Meet Team TROT Ambassador Santiago Morales

Santiago Morales

What is your goal for 2016?  I plan on running the Seoul Marathon, Korea 50K and exploring the South Korean urban lifestyle as well as thetrails and running community. I recently deployed to South Korea to help support the ROK Army.

How long have you been running? I have been running for sport since 2008. What started off as 5ks on the weekend would eventually evolve to thinking about my first marathon (Austin Marathon 2013 with my wife Nichole who ran the half-marathon).  My first race was a memorial run for a good buddy of mine who lost one of his best friend's in an automobile accident.  Proceeds went to an organization called "teens in the driver's seat."  This was a 5k event and became my pursuit to become a better runner afterwards and always a goal to run for a cause.

 What is favorite running achievement?  I recently ran the Snowdrop 55 Race and Relay. 100 Miles ran for pediatric cancer research and scholarships for survivors.  I PR’ed the run by 8 hours. I ran the 100 miles last year in 37 hours, this year I would go on to run it in 29 hours.  I was very proud of family and friends who helped me raise over $1,200 for the Snowdrop Foundation.  Also, my wife and I just had our first child. She is only 2 weeks old right now.  Look for baby Eliana running the trails here soon!

What else do you do to train other than run?I frequently go on Assault Pack Runs and ruck marches in order to train up for selection for Civil Affairs housed under Army Special Operations Forces.

 What do you do for a living? I'm currently an Executive Officer in an Infantry Company in the United States Army. I am in charge of the maintenance of all our vehicles, logistical operations for all training and deployments, and resourcing ranges, food and ammo to ensure my Soldiers get the best training possible. I video chat with my Wife and baby girl as much as I can in order to keep up with those cherished life moments. I also enjoy tuning into TROT's periscope from across the globe so I can support my TROT family.

TROT Ambassador: Rachel Adamson

Rachel Adamson


What are you goals for 2016?

1)  In 2016 I hope to get stronger and faster. I've seen I can go the distance, but I want to do it faster and more efficiently.

               How long have you been running and how did you get                    into the sport? 

2)     I started running in 2010. I was 272 pounds and watched a movie about Badwater. I thought why not me? I haven't looked back since.

                Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of?

        3) I'm proud of every single run, but Rocky Raccoon 100 2015 still takes the          cake for me. It was my first attempt at 100, and I was successful. Many                  great people saw me along for that race and the training involved.

      What other outdoor pursuits or cross training                         endeavors do you participate in? 

       4) I am learning to love time on my road bike. I started riding in 2014, but             was never serious about it until a few months ago. A quad injury after                   pacing at badwater 135 this past summer helped to rekindle my interest. I           also really love lifting weights.

      Other than running and being an amazing human being,       whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the         day to day?

       5) I'm a former high school English teacher. I now homeschool my two                 children. There's nothing better than being there to witness their                             educational growth, and with our frequent travels(recreational and                       racing), it is especially sweet to just load up the camper and do lessons on           the road. 

Meet Team TROT Ambassador Venus Turner


1.) What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016?
Personal- going back to school
Running- I want to run my first 100k and my first 100 miler. Run more 50 milers and of course improve my times.
Will be running road races such as The Woodlands Marathon, TIR Relay and Mexico City Marathon.

2.) How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport?
I've been running 7 years the first 4 1/2 years I was a recreational runner and never ran a race before. Everything changed once I ran my first 5k. I started running as part of warm up at a boot camp class I took. I didn't know I was going to like running. After I finished the class I'd go a run around the neighborhood. Started by running a mile and increased the distance until I was able to run 6 miles everyday. It's funny because I was embarrassed to run in shorts and tank tops so I'd wear sweat pants and short sleeve shirts.

3.) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of?
My first 50 mile race made me feel so proud of myself and of that big accomplishment.

4.) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in?
I have been training at the gym with free weights and a personal trainer.

5.) Other than running and being an amazing human being, whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the day to day? Another one of the things I love as much as running is cooking! I love cooking and being able to create dishes and play with the flavors of the food! That keeps me busy.

Trail Racing Over Texas announces 2016 Trot Ambassadors

Trail Racing Over Texas Announces  2016 TROT Ambassadors

We are excited this year to add 16 amazing ambassadors to the TEAM TROT family. We searched the lone star state for over 4 months to find some great runner who love the trails, the community and TROT. One the dust settled and the applications piled up we began our search. 

We wanted to build our Ambassador program similar to the way we built our TROT TEAM. We were looking for amazing runners that were humble, hard working and really defined a true trail runner. A trail runner is someone who respects nature, his fellow runner and themselves. 

Once we had made our decision we emailed them all and set the balls in motion that would leave to the Nov 2nd unveiling of the 2016 TROT Ambassadors. We are proud to be partnering with all of these athletes and can't wait to be behind them all year long. 

Pictured above from Top L-Bottom R

Row 1: Brian Corbett, Carmen Martinez, Crystal Torres, Dawn Burris

Row 2: James Torres, James Villanueva, Josue Quillou, Marc Henn

Row 3: Mark Gehringer, Mark Kenney, Michelle Gochis, Peter Muessig

Row 4: Rachel Adamson, Santago Morales, Stephen Moore, Venus Turner