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Team TROT Ambassador Aaron McCreery

Our ambassador of the week is fresh off of his 2nd place finish at the Jailbreak 5k in Baytown last week!  Aaron McCreery is a fast AF runner who known to sport a serious beard during the race season.  As a new TROT and NFP Ambassador, Aaron knows how to represent the true spirit of Texas trail racing while looking sharp on the course. 

10 Questions with Aaron:

What’s the most useless talent you have?

I very proficient at harassing my wife in every way imaginable.

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?

I lived on a skateboard as a teenager and managed to fracture my skull grinding a bench in a K-Mart parking lot.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I’m reading Running Man by Charlie Engle.


What is the most distant place you’ve visited?



Favorite running shoes

Hoka One One , Clifton 3

Favorite time of day to run

In the morning.


Favorite song on your playlist

Ugh, so hard to choose… Probably something by Janes Addiction or The Growlers.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My proudest running accomplishment came at Brazos Bend 50 mile race in December. I’d never run over 35 miles before that race so I was really happy with a sub 8hr (7:59:59) 8th place finish.

Favorite ice cream flavor

Pistachio Almond


What trait do you like most about yourself?

My stubbornness, when I focus on something I don’t give up.

Team TROT Ambassador Rosalba Zuniga

It’s Lone Star 100 week, and we are highlighting an El Paso Ambassador to show you how tough our West Texas team really is!  Rosalba Zuniga completed her first 50k in 2017 at the Cactus to Cloud race in NM and followed up with the Bryce Canyon 50k in UT a few months later.  She’s running her first 100 miler this weekend at Lone Star because she wanted to challenge herself with one of the toughest mountain races in the country.  We know that Rosalba is an exceptional trail runner, and she will leave her mark on the Franklin Mountains this weekend as she races towards her epic finish.

10 Questions with Rosalba:

What’s the most useless talent you have?

Paddle boarding, definitely a useless talent living in the desert.

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?

Not running related: I was cutting butter and cut myself with a butter knife. There was blood, but instead of me getting a bandaid, my kids laughed so hard and said that must be the dumbest way to get hurt. My kids won't ever let me live it down.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

“When you think about it, what other choice is there but to hope. We have two options, medically and emotionally: give up or fight like hell." Lance Armstrong


What is the most distant place you’ve visited?



Favorite running shoes

I'm an Asics kind of girl

Favorite time of day to run

Night runs


Favorite song on your playlist

Mis Sentimientos feat Ximena By Los Angeles Azules

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

My first ever 50k last year Cactus to Cloud with 9,000 feet of elevation gain. All vertical climbing for the first 10 miles, and the rest of the course was not easy. It was just supposed to be a training run for my first ever 50k at Bryce Canyon. I came in with a wonderful time and finished with the first 5 people. This is the place I fell in love with 50ks.

Favorite ice cream flavor

Cookies and cream


What trait do you like most about yourself?

I love that I'm adventurous and very strong willed.

Team TROT Ambassador Victor Valenzuela


This week’s ambassador needs no introduction!  Known simply as “Vic200,” Victor Valenzuela established himself as a true endurance runner and all around trail-connoisseur in 2017 with his 100 mile finishes at BB100, Dinosaur Valley Endurance Run, Orion 100, Blazing 7s 100, Jackalope Jam, and Rocky Raccoon 100. Victor completed the Texas Independence Relay as a solo runner, and he managed to eat at every Whataburger along the route from Gonzalez to the San Jacinto Monument!
10 Questions with Vic200:
What’s the most useless talent you have? 
I can eat the spiciest food others could not tolerate. 

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?
When I was 13 I drove a moped scooter straight to a fence. Injury kept me out of school for 1 week, so I must say it was a win for me.

Whats the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week? 
Oh Lawwd! In spin class someone's tight pants tore up right in front of me.

What is the most distant place you’ve visited? 
610 & Kirby.

Favorite running shoes? 
It would have to be my Altra LonePeaks and my Xero Z-trail sandals.

Favorite time of day to run?
I hate waking up early so evening runs are the best for me.

Favorite song on your playlist?
Hit'em up by Tupac.

What accomplishment are you most proud of? 
The Texas Independence Relay as a solo runner.

Favorite ice cream flavor? 
Blue Bell ice cream without lysteria. 

What trait do you like most about yourself? 
My mental game.It is stronger than a Jedi..(I just can't move things by not touching them,yet)

Team TROT Ambassador: Jenn Kirpatrick

Let’s give a big TROT welcome to new ambassador Jenn Kirpatrick! Jenn is a CERTIFIED BADASS as she completed her first IRONMAN 70.3, qualified for Boston, and crushed her first 50k, 50 mile, and 100 mile race in 2017.  Jenn runs with the Renegade Endurance Club, and she will be pacing at Running the Rose  this weekend.

10 Questions with Jenn:


What’s the most useless talent you have?

I am an obsessive packer, as far as ultras go.  Now, I feel this is a very useful talent, but my teammates are merciless in making fun of me for all the stuff I bring.


What is the dumbest way you have been injured?

Non-running:  I tried to do a flip on rings on a swing set once, and ended up knocking off a piece of bone from the ball of my foot.  It’s still floating around in there, I’ve been told. 


Whats the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?

I’ve been reading the book, No Meat Athlete and that is giving me a lot to think about. 


What is the most distant place you’ve visited? 



Favorite running shoes  Road: Adidas Adizero Adios; Trail: Salomon Sense Ride


Favorite time of day to run  Middle of the night.  There’s something magical about it.   


Favorite song on your playlist Thunderstruck by AC/DC


What accomplishment are you most proud of? My 100 mile finish at Brazos Bend, for sure.  But it was the whole package – the race was just the victory lap.  The real transformation happened during training.  Pure awesomeness!!


Favorite ice cream flavor   

Isn’t the real question “What is your favorite Blizzard?”  In that case, M&M.


What trait do you like most about yourself?   My ability to stay calm and think in stressful situations.  It’s extremely helpful when you are managing unexpected hurdles during a race, but even more so when, let’s say, someone steals your wallet & car keys at a volleyball tournament and you’re 200 miles away from home.   

Meet Team TROT Ambassador Mark Gehringer

 Marc "The Real Deal" Gehringer

Mark Gehringer


1)     What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016? Be a stronger runner by focusing on: daily nutrition, weekly speed work, gym/core work 2x/week.  Measurement of this goal will be reflected in how I am physically feeling a the end of long ultras later in the year.


2) How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport? I have been running my entire life.  It has always been a part of me and an identity for me.  In 3rd grade I ran and won my first spring and became the class "fast kid". In the 4th grade I won my first trophy (21st place overall) for the cross country season.  Ran in jeans and Stadia brand shoes back then.


3) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of? I am most proud of my 2nd 100 mile race finish in 2015 at Brazos Bend 100.  It was special because I DNFed the same race in 2014.


4) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in? I love camping.  I do more RV camping now with the family, but I have always loved tenting and cooking over an open flame all weekend.

Meet Team TROT Ambassador Venus Turner


1.) What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016?
Personal- going back to school
Running- I want to run my first 100k and my first 100 miler. Run more 50 milers and of course improve my times.
Will be running road races such as The Woodlands Marathon, TIR Relay and Mexico City Marathon.

2.) How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport?
I've been running 7 years the first 4 1/2 years I was a recreational runner and never ran a race before. Everything changed once I ran my first 5k. I started running as part of warm up at a boot camp class I took. I didn't know I was going to like running. After I finished the class I'd go a run around the neighborhood. Started by running a mile and increased the distance until I was able to run 6 miles everyday. It's funny because I was embarrassed to run in shorts and tank tops so I'd wear sweat pants and short sleeve shirts.

3.) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of?
My first 50 mile race made me feel so proud of myself and of that big accomplishment.

4.) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in?
I have been training at the gym with free weights and a personal trainer.

5.) Other than running and being an amazing human being, whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the day to day? Another one of the things I love as much as running is cooking! I love cooking and being able to create dishes and play with the flavors of the food! That keeps me busy.

Recalculating: When to adjust your race day expectations

Recalculating: When to Adjust Your Race Day Expectations by Team TROT runner Lauren Ross


I wanted to race well so badly. I’d had a full month of running since I was injured, and a few really quick efforts that felt good. I’d been sick the week before, but could breathe through my nose again! Everything was totally shaping up. Race day morning was 20 degrees warmer than it had been and nearly full humidity, but I’d run through the Houston summer – this was nothing! Right?

Wrong. Mile 1 was a blur. Mile 2 was slower, but I felt okay. Mile 3…ehhh…at least I was still second. By 5 miles in, my race was clearly no longer a race. I couldn’t put my finger on it either: my legs felt heavy but they weren’t screaming, my lungs felt tight but I’d breathed harder before. Something just wasn’t right. I stopped to walk and felt dizzy. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the upper respiratory infection that hadn’t quite cleared, but I really thought it wouldn’t be this way. The difference between what I had imagined happening and what actually happened during the half at Brazos Bend 100 was so different that I let it get the best of me for a few minutes and felt pretty rotten. Luckily, the other runners out there reminded me it’s all for fun, so I chilled out and enjoyed the scenery and camaraderie for the remaining miles.

So what did I do wrong?

I failed to adjust my expectations going into the race. As runners, we want every race to be perfect. We put in the work, and we want the outcome to reflect that. Makes sense. Unfortunately, we can’t control every detail. While it doesn’t take everything going perfectly to have a great race, many factors impact your ability to run your best. Being realistic about this is key when it comes to modifying your race strategy.

The week leading up to the race, be honest with yourself. Consider all variables to determine how to attack the course. Slowing down a little bit (or a lot!) or changing your goal from one based on performance to “get as many high fives as possible” is sometimes a good idea. I am normally too stubborn to admit when I’m not in a position to have a good race. While this optimism can be a good thing, it can also lead to a little bit of mid-race soul crushing, which can in turn lead to silly things like thoughts of DNFs even when I’m totally capable of finishing. A better method is to go into the race knowing that I need to change my game plan, run it a little bit slower and keep those spirits up the whole time!

Now, before I get down to it, let me be clear that I’m not advising you to come up with excuses for why you shouldn’t run your hardest. Truly racing is a scary thing – to toe the line between going really fast and blowing up is enough to make anyone hesitate. There is physical discomfort to deal with, but that is not cause to hold back. The reasons listed below are things that are out of your control – your ability to deal with the pain of exertion is not one of them.

1.       Sickness – While Tracie Akerheilm may be able to bust out a 1:33 half with bronchitis (beastly performance, Tracie!), I’m tellin ya it’s not for everyone! When you’re sick, everything is going to suffer. Your body is focused not on performance, but on healing. If you do decide to run, know that you’ve got to slow it down.

2.       Weather – Maybe you’re in hot and humid Houston. Maybe you’re up North with ice and snow covering the trails. Maybe it’s super windy. While you’ve still gotta give it your full effort, that effort will not get you to the finish as fast as it would if conditions were great. Don’t worry about being off your anticipated paces, just keep on crushing.

3.       Injury – If you’re injured, go take care of yourself! But if you’ve just come back from injury, that’s something to consider too. With a few months of training behind you, you’re in a very different place than you were at your pre-injury peak. That’s okay! You will definitely get back there, but in the meantime don’t try to pick up right where you left off. Be conservative with your expectations and measure yourself against your post-injury workouts.

4.       Other life stuff – Stress is a real thing with both psychological and physiological consequences. If you’re planning a wedding, working long hours, moving, dealing with a loss in the family, having relationship issues, or any other stressful life event leading up to your race, you’re likely not at your physical or mental peak. It’s really tough to quantify the effect of these stressors, so keep that A-goal in mind, but also have a B-goal and a C-goal, and listen to how you’re feeling on race day.

5.       Lack of sleep – Sleep is when your body recovers from training. If you haven’t been sleeping well leading up to a race, you may be less ready for it than your training indicates. Sometimes we are in control of our sleep and sometimes we aren’t. Work and social obligations, kids, colds, the neighbor’s crazy dog…there are a bunch of things that could get in the way. While it’s frustrating to admit that these factors have compromised something as crucial as your sleep, be conscious of it going into race day.

Consider these factors leading up to your next race, and stay positive! You’ll never find a better atmosphere than in the trail running community, and that’s really what we’re all here for.

Franklin Mountains Trail Run Recap

Franklin Mountains Trail Run Recap

The Franklin Mountains Trail Run in its 1st year attracted over 475 runners from across the lone star state, new mexico and mexico as well. With these amazing runners we also had Gordy Ansleigh in attendance to run the 50k and professional photographer Myke Hermsmeyer as well. 

The 50k with was a tad over 32 miles boasted 6250' of gain and 6250' down along the technical mountain trails. Out of the gate a pack of early leaders including TEAM TROT runners Josh Pauley, Jeff Ball let out down the trails. Zach Szablewski, Jacob Phillips and Joseph Hale mixed in and the lead pack was heading toward the peak of the mountain. TEAM TROT runner Tracie Akerhielm took the early lead for the females along with Copper Canyon Champion Beatriz Mendez. 

All of the runners in the 50k made a loop up to the peak and picked up a summit bracelet from TEAM TROT Ambassador Santiago Morales before heading back down the back side of the mountains. Zach Szablewski won the race 4:57 with Jacob Phillips 2nd in 5:02 and TEAM TROT runner Jeff Ball in 3rd at 5:26. Beatriz Mendez took the lead at mile 26 and never looked back. She won the race in 5:53 with TEAM TROT runner Tracie Akerhielm in 2nd at 5:57. Alisha Edmiston was our 3rd female in 6:24. 

The Half Marathon, 10k and 5k runners all took off in stages after the 50k started. All of the results for all of the runners can be seen HERE

Myke Hermsmeyer took some amazing pictures for us as well. You can see them

Big thanks goes out to Texas Parks & Wildlife, Franklin Mountains State Park, Visit El Paso and Holiday Inn for helping us get the event up and running.

It was wonderful to share the trails with the TROT runners, local El Paso runners and the Juarez Runners as well. 

Next year the race will be Sept 10-12th and the 50k WILL be part of the US Skyrunning Ultra Series as well. We will open registration March 1st for the 2016 races.

Trail Racing Over Texas announces 2016 Trot Ambassadors

Trail Racing Over Texas Announces  2016 TROT Ambassadors

We are excited this year to add 16 amazing ambassadors to the TEAM TROT family. We searched the lone star state for over 4 months to find some great runner who love the trails, the community and TROT. One the dust settled and the applications piled up we began our search. 

We wanted to build our Ambassador program similar to the way we built our TROT TEAM. We were looking for amazing runners that were humble, hard working and really defined a true trail runner. A trail runner is someone who respects nature, his fellow runner and themselves. 

Once we had made our decision we emailed them all and set the balls in motion that would leave to the Nov 2nd unveiling of the 2016 TROT Ambassadors. We are proud to be partnering with all of these athletes and can't wait to be behind them all year long. 

Pictured above from Top L-Bottom R

Row 1: Brian Corbett, Carmen Martinez, Crystal Torres, Dawn Burris

Row 2: James Torres, James Villanueva, Josue Quillou, Marc Henn

Row 3: Mark Gehringer, Mark Kenney, Michelle Gochis, Peter Muessig

Row 4: Rachel Adamson, Santago Morales, Stephen Moore, Venus Turner

Blazing 7s Trail Run Recap

Blazing 7s Trail Run Recap

As the clock started at 8am the day began for the first Blazing 7s Trail Run at 7il Ranch. The ranch has been working as a cattle ranch for over 150 years all on the beautiful 1100 acre ranch. The ranch has never been officially trail races on so the cows were surprised when all the gun went off. 

The 100k led out first with the order of running the red, orange and purple trails in that order to complete 1 loop. Each full loop was a bit over 21.5 miles for a total of 63.5 miles or approx a 100k. The 100k was led up front most of the race with Mark Junkans and TEAM TROT runner Matt Zmolek. Melissa Linan led the females out all day long and went to wire to wire. Around the 48 mile mark Matt Zmolek took the lead and finished up in first place for the men. Melissa Linan continued to run hard and ended up 3rd overall/1st female. 

Top 3 Overall

Matt Zmolek 11:26 1st, Iain Wallace 14:28 2nd, Melissa Linan 14:36 3rd place

The 50k was 2 laps of the red and orange loops for the 33 miles. Jeff Miller and Patrick Kubovsky led the race out from the start and hit the 1st loops within minuted of each other. Kimberly Palacios and Kelli Vance stayed within a few minutes of each other towards lap 2. In the end TEAM TROT runner Jeff Miller took the win with a 3:55, followed by Patrick Kubovksy in 2nd with 4:07 and Paul Stewart with a 4:26. Kimberly Palacios finished strong to edge Kelli Vance with a 5:37 to a 5:44 for 1st/2nd. Carmen Martinez hit the wire with a great 2nd loop at 6:02 shortly after. 

The 25k and 10k were barn burners with many great local runners all pushing hard to break each other in the sandy trails that accompanied the trails. 

For the full results of all the races click HERE

For the full race photos from the race click HERE

For the 2015/2016 race schedule click HERE

Trail Racing Over Texas Ambassador Program


So you want to be a TROT ambassador? Well good thing is that we are looking for about 10 ambassadors for the end of the 2015 and full 2016 year. We are looking for people who love trail running , TROT and giving back to the trails. We are seeking great trail runners from all over to fill the ambassador team and share the TROT love all over the Lone Star State! 

We will be looking for exceptional people who love the trails, the community and Trail Racing Over Texas brand. 

We are accepting applications from June 1st through October 1st. We will then go through the applications and pick our ambassadors for the 2016 race season. 

Click HERE to APPLY!!

Trail Racing Over Texas announces Jackalope Jam 6hr, 12hr and 24 hour race Oct 17th 2015

JACKALOPE JAM 6hr-12hr-24hr

Oct 17th-18th

Carbide Park  Hitchcock, Texas

Trail Racing Over Texas brings our first timed event with the Jackalope Jam on October 17th that will start at 7am. The race will be on a 1 mile loop at Carbide Park in Hitchcock Texas. The track is a mix of gravel trail and cement that will loop at the front of the park. 

We will offer free camping for the saturday evening of the race for those participating. All registered runners will receive a tech shirt at packet pickup, full aid stations with support and amazing medals/buckles. We will have medals for those who eclipse the 26.2/50 mile mark and buckles for those who hit the 100k/100m mark as well. 

We will be pushing the jackalope theme through the event with shirts, medals and promo items that all detail the mythical creature that is the Jackalope. 

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings Updated after Horseshoe Trail Run

Trail Racing Over Texas Cup Standings with Team Cup Standings 

As the mud settled after the Horseshoe Trail Run the individual points and the team points were calculated. Every runner in our races gets points for the TROT Cup no matter what race you finish or run in. The TEAM Cup is determined by those who associated a designated team that you run for while in our races. Those team members points accumulate for the teams and we award prizes for the teams at the end of the year. 

The  TROT CUP is designed to award individual achievements, age group awards, volunteer awards and the Team Cup As well. With over $3500 in CASH and awards it is the highest paying Cup Series in Texas Trail Running! To see more information follow HERE

In the mens division Jeff Ball the overall leader increased his lead by winning the 50k at Horseshoe Trail Run on May 17th. Cal Neff stayed in 2nd while Peter Muessig moved into 3rd with his 2nd straight podium finish. Aaron Wieczorek cracked the top 10 with another top 5 finish, Matt Zmolek with his finish is in the top 10 and Buddy Howlett with his 5k finish jumped into the top 10 for his first time in mens overall top 10.

In the womens division Tracie Akerhielm won the 25k at the Horseshoe Trail Run and increased her lead as she dominates the overall standings. Becky Nesbitt moves up to the 5th position just a few tenths away from 4th place. Our Horseshoe Trail Run 50k winner Sherry Scott jumps into 8th place in the top 10 womens race as well. 

These standings will move very quickly as the distances get longer in the back half of the 2015 schedule. With the points variable being distance and placement runners will start to dial in their advantages of where they can succeed the most as the year progresses. 

Trail Racing Over Texas TEAM Cup Standings

The club of the year for 2014 is back and upfront with over 26 members registered at 143.17 points so far in the year. The Houston Area Trail Runners are close behind with 101.29 with 12 members in the mix. 3rd place goes to Team RWB with 44.10, Bayou City Road Runners Club with 41.26, 5th Runners High Club 25.96, 6th Lone Star Spartans 25.26 and Houston Galloway in 7th at 23.86.

With this being the first year of the TROT CUP the hope is that many of the team members will identify their teams this year so that the groups will compete until the final race. The top team will get 10 free entries into the races for the 2016 season. 

San Felipe Shootout Final Results

San Felipe Shootout Results

Trail Racing Over Texas had an amazing time this past weekend on March 28th as Stephen F Austin played host to the San Felipe Shootout. With its unique format of 3 races in one day the races started at 7:00, 8:00 and 10:30 on the dot. 

The 5k started right at 7am and before you could blink an eye the runners where head back in the finish. The Winner Cal Neff came in at 18:55 followed by Jeff Ball, 1st Female Tracie Akerhielm, 3rd male Jeff Miller, 2nd female Kate Papenberg as well. 

The 10k started at 8am and again Cal Neff a 2:22 marathoner sprinted in with the win at 38:07 followed by the familiar gang of Jeff Ball, Tracie Akerhielm, Jeff Miller, Daniel Bucci and Kate Papenberg.

The 13.1 half marathon kicked off at 10:30 and the sun started to shine on the runners. The ice buckets, the sponges came out to make sure the runners stayed cool as they ran around the park. Cal Neff set out to fly on the half marathon and win the overall male shootout as well. Cal came in at 1:11:15 followed by the usual suspects with Jeff Ball, Kate Papenberg, Daniel Bucci, Tracie Akerhielm and Jeff Miller. 

The trails stayed in amazing shape all day long and our use of a cupless racing system kept the trails in phenomenal shape as well. Many local running groups like Galloway Running, Houston Area Trail Runners, Team RWB, Runners High, USA FIT Cypress, Golden Triangle Strutters and many other teams came out to support the event. With over 315 registered runners for this 1st year race we had an amazing day on the trails of Stephen F Austin State Park. 

The final results for the top 5 men and women in the Shootout (5k, 10k and 13.1 Combined) are all below. 

Male Overall Winners

  1. Cal Neff (Team TROT) 2:08:19
  2. Jeff Ball ( Team TROT) 2:18:14
  3. Daniel Bucci 2:31:10
  4. Jeff Miller (Team TROT) 2:31:45
  5. Kenneth Latterle 2:37:23

Female Overall Winners

  1. Kate Papenberg 2:23:05
  2. Tracie Akerhielm (Team TROT) 2:26:05
  3. Melinda Coen (Team TROT) 2:52:26
  4. Becky Nesbitt 2:56:55
  5. Leslie Cislo 2:57:53

Thank you again to all of our amazing sponsors who support our events and provide great products for our runners. Altra Running, Bearded Brothers, Hammer Nutrition, Epic Bar, Rhythm Superfoods, Mark Kenney and Associates, Trail Toes, Victory Sportsdesign, Team RWB, Luke's Locker, Trail Runner, Road ID and Spring Action Photos for taking pictures.

Here is a link to the pictures taken with Spring Action Photos 

Here are the free photos we took on facebook or dropbox

We look forwarding to seeing you all at our next race the Brazos Bend 50 on April 25th


Trail Racing Over Texas helps to sponsor showing of Head/Heart/Feet

Trail Racing Over Texas sponsors showing of Head/Heart/Feet Film in Katy, Texas at Alamo Drafthouse.

If you thought 26.2 miles was tough, lace up your running shoes for a journey into the world of ultra running…

100: Head/Heart/Feet” follows Ultrarunner Zak Wieluns as he attempts to run The Vermont 100 Endurance Race. The film focuses on Zak’s intensive training regiment and its impact on his relationships while exploring the reasons he was singularly dedicated to completing the Vermont 100 Endurance Race, one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA. Filmed on the race’s 25th anniversary, “100: Head/Heart/Feet” records the stories of handlers, pacers and crew members while exploring the friendships that motivate their preparation for this grueling race over Vermont’s paved streets, gravel back roads and wooded daylight and darkness... all within a 30 hour time limit. A well-trained few complete the race; many will never cross the finish line.

Tickets are $15 dollars and will be available at the Alamo Drafthouse Katy Website after 3/15