michelle gochis team trot ambassador

Meet Michelle Gochis our Team TROT Ambassador

Michelle Gochis

Michelle Gochis


1.)   What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016?  I want to run as many 100 milers as possible, each faster and stronger. I plan to run the Stagecoach 100 Ultra in September, from Flagstaff to the Grand Canyon. I plan to train hard for that, and each race between now and then will be a training run for it. 

2.)   How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport? I ran track in 5th grade and never stopped running. My mom ran a lot when I was a kid, and she would take me with her on my bike, and then running alongside her when I was old enough to keep up. I started training for my first marathon about 6 years ago, when my kids were old enough for me to take the time to train. I ran 2 marathons, two weeks apart, then started running ultras.

3.) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of? My biggest race achievement would be the 100 miles I just completed at Snowdrop 2015.

4.) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in? I love going to Crossfit. It helps a lot with running.

5.) Other than running and being an amazing human being, whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the day to day? I work at the high school my kids attend.  I love being able to see my kids all day. It helps keep us connected with life as busy as ours is. I run for the love of running, races are just fun. I will always be a runner, and I hope to inspire others to get out and love it too.