jackalope jam standings

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Standings after Jackalope Jam

Trail Racing Over Texas TROT CUP Standings 

Overall Men's

Jeff Ball won the 6hr men's race to stay atop the TROT CUP Standings with 159 points while Matt Zmolek boosted with back to back wins came in with just over 100 points. Newly minted Team TROT runner Dan Bucci was 2nd in the 6hr giving him enough points to move into 3rd place. Big jumpers in the points where Wayne Schlosser now in 10th, Terence Murphy in 11th, Orlando Galvan in 12th and Mark Gehringer in 15th.

Men's Age Groups

Jeff Ball continues to dominate the 0-29 age group, 30-39 was taken over by Matt Zmolek, with Dan Bucci and Cal Neff nipping at his heels. In the 40-49 Jeff Miller sits in 1st, Mark Gehringer made a move to 2nd and Mark Berman is grasping onto 3rd place. 50-59 Buddy Howlett continues to dominate but Brian Beard with his recent Jackalope success pulls up in 2nd for the age group. 60-69 Wayne Schlosser is running away with it after his Blazing 7s and Jackalope performances. Nofal Musfy is holding on tightly to the 70-79 age group as well.

Overall Women's

Tracie Akerhielm with her 1st place at 6hr Jackalope continues to dominate the TROT Cup Standings. New TEAM TROT runner Julie Koepke holds 2nd with just over a 1 point lead. Shannon Warning moved up to 7th with her JackJam performance as did 10th Kay Scott, 11th Kimberly Palacios, 12th Amy Kelly and 13th Rachel Adamson.

Women's Age Groups  

Kate Papenberg and Melinda Coen continue to lead the 0-29 age group from the 1st of the year. Tracie Akerhielm is out front in the 30-39 with Julie Koepke in 2nd and new winner of the 12 hour Jackalope Jam race Rachel Adamson.  IN the 40-49 Sherry Scott still leads over Becky Nesbitt with Shannon Warning, Kay Scott and Amy Kelly nipping at their heels from the Jackalope Jam points. Becky Howlett, Dawn Burris and Martha Hilton are the top 3 for the 50-59 women and close enough where it is anybodies ball game in the last 2 races. Anesha Golden and Nancy Holcomb are our 1-2 combo for the 60-69. Thelma Richardson boots her solo route after Jackalope Jam to the top spot in the cup championship. 

With 2 races left most of the age groups and the overall leads can all change. With franklin mountains being a 50k 13.1, 10k and 5k Brazos Bend having 100 miler, 50 miler, 26.2 and 13.1 races even the tenth of a point can mean everything.