horseshoe trail run results

2016 Horseshoe Trail Run Race Recap

2016 Horseshoe Trail Run Race Recap

This year's edition of the Horseshoe Trail Run was moved from the rainy season in May to the coldness of January. With the change of the year, we were excited to have over 420 runners participate in the event on January 23rd. 

Last years 50k winner Team TROT runner Jeff Ball was back to defend his title and hope to crack the CR on the 2nd installment of the race. Team TROT runner Julie Koepke who was 2nd last year stepped back in the 50k again looking to enjoy the course although it was quite a bit drier than the mud fest of 2015. 

As the 6am clock counted the 2016 Horseshoe Trail Run 50k was underway. Jeff Ball took the early lead along with Joshua Jones and Andre Fuqua for the males. Julie Koepke, Shawna Meyers and Amy Kerrigan lead the females in the 1st loop as well. 

Jeff Ball would win the 50k in a Course Record of 3:59 and Julie Koepke won the 50k as well in a course record 5:32. 

The other distances started with a staggered start with the  25k  at 7am, the 10k at 7:30 and the 5k at 8:00. 

At the end of the race all finishers received a custom bottle opening medal, a pint glass and post race beer provided by Karbach Brewery.

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Horseshoe Trail Run Final Results

2015 Horseshoe Trail Run Results

The days leading up to the race started off well on Monday morning but by 4pm on Monday the weather had changed dramatically. Over the next 24 hour Houston received over 6 inches of water and the Horseshoe Trail Run become one of the hardest courses seemingly overnight.

As we marked the course on Thursday we sent an email out to the runners letting them know that the water was ankle deep, bring the flippers and get ready for one heck of a day of trail running. 

As the day started the 50k runners took off right at 6am out to the course followed by the 25k, 10k and 5kers. Jeff Ball came in to the 1st of his 5 loops and it was apparent that it was going to be a mud field day. Quickly runners started to come in finish the 5k/10k laughing, smiling and covered in the effects of the trail. By 10am many runners had come in and Karbach Brewery showed up with beer in tow. They setup with free beer and all finishers received a pint glass as well for the brew. Rukus Ritas got cranking on the margaritas and Breakfast Burritos Anonymous started grilling as well. 

The 50k runners came in each loop with multiple layers of mud, water and big smiles. With 68 registered there would only 27 runners that defeated the course. Many of the runners DNF from the 25k and the 50k as the course took its toll on some of the best runners on the course. With over 433 runners this was an amazing day with great runners, sponsors and support from the Galveston Country Parks Department. 

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You can find some race photos

Race Report from Jeff Ball and Julie Koepke

The  Horseshoe Trail Run 50k Top 3 Male and Female Runners are below.

1 Jeff Ball 5:58:56

2 Zachary Szablewski 6:32:27

3 Gabe Leatherwood 7:07:38


1 Sherry Scott 8:40:14

2JulieKoepkeSan AntonioTX32F28:47:3283.35

3YokaJanssenLake JacksonTX17F39:26:4191.8

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