habanero hundred results

Habanero Hundred Recap

Habanero Hundred Recap 

The Habanero Hundred started on August 22nd at Noon in Smithville, Texas. With the heat at 99 degrees and the index at 108 sweating was the least of the runners worries. The Texas heat and humidity never left the runners side from start till finish. Combine the heat, the humidity and loosely technical course what you get is a the toughest race in Texas Trail History. 

The 50k race just after 10 miles started to find its first DNFs along with the 100k race as well. The 100 miler race would only have one person who was able to navigate the courses demands to cross the line under the 30-hour cutoff. As the 100 mile and 100k relay teams flew around the course the sun rose on the 23rd of August. As the sun came up the hopes of many 100k buckles came to fruition as they battled the heat one more time. The last few 100k finishers came through with a few hours to spare and our lone 100 miler was still on course. 

Julie Koepke came around the final stretch and finished in  28:43 as the ONLY 100 mile finisher of the course. 

For full results of the Habanero Hundred including photos, videos and more please visit http://www.trailracingovertexas.com/habanero-hundred/

The Habanero Hundred is just its first year turned out to be exactly what the race was intended to do. Challenge runners to battle the elements, manage their race and try to tame the toughest Trail Race in Texas. 

With only 100 spots open in the 100 mile race, 100k and 50k we will see who is ready to tame the Beast! 

Trail Racing Over Texas Live Timing


We are excited to announce that we will be live timing our events for the remainder of the 2016 race season. For the Habanero Hundred we are teaming up with Ultrasignup.com to be able to provide loop by loop live timing as the race starts Aug 22nd.  We are excited to bring another facet to our races for all the runners and spectators as well. 

The live link for all events is located at http://www.trailracingovertexas.com/timing/