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Trot Ambassador Dawn Burris



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Dawn Burris

1.) What goals do you have, (personal or running related), going into 2016?

I want to continue to encourage other runners to challenge themselves with trail running and longer distances.  For me personally, continue eating healthy, staying fit and challenging myself with more Ultra races and different terrains.

2.) How long have you been running and how did you get into the sport?

I was never a runner but once a friend signed me up for Gusher 5K in May, 2010, I became hooked. I will be eternally grateful to her for getting me started and on the road to many great adventures and meeting so many runners, who I now consider some of my best friends.

3.) Most recent race/achievement that you are proud of?

In November, took a road trip to El Paso for Franklin Mountains 50K with some of my favorite running buddies.  This was my first mountain race and the most challenging to date – was super excited to finish and looking forward to tackling it again in Sep 2016.

4.) What other outdoor pursuits or cross training endeavors do you participate in?

Main focus has been running over the last 5+ years, minimal cross training, planks and squats, at home on non-run days. 

5.) Other than running and being an amazing human being, whats your day job or what keeps you busy during the day to day?

I’m a Project Coordinator for Wells Fargo and sit behind a desk and work on my laptop for 8 hours a day.  I look forward to the end of day when I can get out in the fresh air for a run or take a long runcation weekend