brazos bend 100 recap

Brazos Bend 100 Race Recap

Brazos Bend 100 Recap

The Brazos Bend 100 is set up on the beautiful 5000 acre Brazos Bend State Park just south of Houston in Needville. The park had recieved over 12 inches of rain in the past weeks leading up to the race but the weather leading up to the race was decent. 

When the race started Saturday Morning at 6am the humidity was high, the temps were mild and the clouds were overheard. Within 12 hours the storms started to roll in to the park with the windy and drizzle starting to come down. In the overnight hours the park was under a tornado warning and many of the tents were being manned by human anchors as well. The final Brazos Bend 100 runners who deserved the relief of the weather were in for a Texas treat. The final 6 hours of the race the rain started to come down fast and sideways as the final cutoff on starting another loop was met. Around 9am on sunday morning with 3 hours left on the race clock the front came through with a swift winter chill. The temperature dropped over 20 degress within minutes turning the park into a horrid mix of wet, windy and raining. 

Soon after the front swept through race staff began the race preperations to treat hyperthermia and get runners off the trail as soon as they finished. As each runner came through the finish we hurried them into a waiting heated van, stripped them of their wet clothes and got them into warm clothes. 

As most Texans will tell you if you don't like the weather well wait it will change. The normally high finisher rate of the 100 miler (over 70% in 2014) began to be a sufferfest that few were able to tame. Those who were able to endure the tests where welcomed with a Brazos Bend 100 buckle and one of the 30% of the finishers of the race. 

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