Brazos Bend 50 Race Review

BB50 Race Review 

The Brazos Bend 2016 will always be remembered as the year we didnt get crazy weather and we had more than 880 registered runners. 

The 50 miler was a pack of 4 for the first 2 loops with Daniel Lawton, Melanie Rabb, John Yoder and Mark Lawton roaming the course together. In the end Daniel Lawton was 1st, Melanie Rabb was 2nd overall/1st female and John Yoder was 3rd for the males. 

Team TROT runner and World Record Holder Cal Neff came out to BB50k with a fast, hard run in his sights. He tore up the course with a new CR of 3:10. Edenn Perez followed in 2nd with a 3:45 and Team TROT runner Dan Bucci goes 3:53 while completing his 50th marathon. In the ladies Victoria Webster was 1st female/4th overall, Team TROT runner Katie Graff was 2nd in 4:18 and Heidi Anderson was 3rd in 4:30.

Team TROT runner Jeff Ball cruised to the 25k lead with a 1:31, Randy Becker was close behind with a 1:43 for 2nd and Dustin Sanquist was 3nd in 1:54. Team TROT runner Lauren Ross defending her 2015 title with a 1:59 for the womens women. 2nd was Ashley Gallagher with a 2:07 and in 2:09 was Lisa Korsten.

In the 10k Tracie Akerhielm broke the CR with a 39:29 on her way to winning the Overall title in the race. Crystal Oden was 2nd with a 50:48 and 3rd was Juliana Ronderos in 53:12. For the men Kenny York was 1st male/2nd overall 43:29 with a close 2nd from John Cuellar in 44:32 and 3rd Ethan Cooper in 44:39.

It was a great day for the park, all of the runners and the amazing volunteers. This is one of the biggest races in the history of Texas Trail Running so it was very special. 

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Full Results via Ultrasignup

Brazos Bend 50 Final Results

Brazos Bend 50 Results

As the 50 milers set out for their journeys at 6am Sat April 25th 2015 no one could have foreseen the weather band that was headed its way towards the park. Shortly after the 50k/25k runners took off at 7am the sky began to darken and the pressure started to drop. As the time neared 7:15am the wind started to pick up and the rain began to fall heavy and hard. As the rain came so did the hail, with more wind and even more rain.. The 10k start was moved from 8am to 8:30am to allow time for the band of weather to pass over the park and for lighting to pass as well. 

As the clock ticked off to start the 10k runners the course that was would never be the same all day. The Brazos Bend 50 is known for the being one of the fastest trails in the United States and even on a muddy day some still found a way to conquer the course with a PR.

The course held up well in some areas and other areas were known as slip-n-slide zones all day. Many of the runners post race told me how much fun it was to play in the mud and how they felt like a kid all day long. Well the greatest part of endurance events is the "endure" portion of the day. With any trail run you never know what the day might throw at you rather it be weather, blisters or alligators. To finish what you started you must continue to put one foot in front of the other. 

The official count of registered runners for the event was 704 which makes the event on of top 5 trail races attended in Texas Trail Running. 

The official results for the Brazos Bend 50 where posted on Ultrasignup and can be found HERE

The top 3 male and females for the 50 mile distance are listed below with times as well. 

50 miler

1 Josh Slocum 6:16:17 

2 Wade Barrett 6:24:13

3 Nicole Studer 6:27:53

4 Sydney Lambert 6:32

5 Stephen Baumgartner 7:21:15

6 Anna Hailey 7:34:19