2015 trot cup overall winners



We were really excited this year to announce the 2015 TROT CUP for our runners. We wanted to create a series that allowed runners to accumulate points both for them and teams that they run with. With no minimum races and free to enter we enjoyed watching the points accumlate all year. With the success of 2015 we were able to also sign some great sponsors to help us with the 2016 TROT CUP as well. 

From the gun at San Felipe the combination of Tracie Akerhielm, Jeff Ball and the Golden Strutters were in the lead. They took the leads from wire to wire accumulating points in many of the races and both Tracie/Jeff qualified for the Lead Foot Award.

For the Mens Matt Zmolek made his move in the 2nd part of the year with wins at Blazing 7s 100k, Jackalope Jam and a great finish at Brazos Bend 100. Dan Bucci stayed in the hunt all year in the top 5 in many of the races that he ran. He had some great end of the year pushes at both Jackalope and Brazos Bend 100. 

For the Womens Julie Koepke did her damage with not only one of the best finishes at Horseshoe Trail Run but also tackling the Habanero Hundred. She was the ONLY finisher of ANYONE in the 100 miler and it put her up near the top of the rankings. Kate Papenburg swept the San Felipe Shootout and it was tough as many women tried to chase her down. 

The Golden Strutters and the HATRs battled all year long with the GTS Club starting pulling away with a strong push at Blazing 7s Trail Run. With an increasing number of members and runners going further they took the lead and never looked back. 

Our Volunteer Contest had moved up and down all year. Kurt Bush was the early leader in the year with Tina and James keeping pace. Tina Barr went out to Franklin Mountain with us and manned the west aid station pushing her up to the 1st place. James "Long Shot" Limbaga worked a shift from thurs-sunday at Brazos Bend 100 and won on the last day. We cant wait to get these awesome volunteers some running swag for helping us out!

All of the full results including age groups, overall results and volunteers points below. 

Below is the final standings for the winners and also a link to the complete database as well. See you all for the awards Gala on Jan 23rd at Horseshoe Trail Run 5pm.

Overall (Male)

  1. Jeff Ball
  2. Matt Zmolek
  3. Daniel Bucci

Overall (Female)

  1. Tracie Akerhielm
  2. Julie Koepke
  3. Kate Papenburg

Masters (50+) (Male)

  1. Buddy Howlett
  2. Wayne Schlosser

Masters (50+) (Female)

  1. Becky Howlett
  2. Jacqueline Nolen

Age Groups  (Male)

29 & Under

  1. Jeff Ball

  2. Zach Szabelski

  3. Anthony Jacobs


  1. Daniel Bucci
  2. Calum Neff
  3. Peter Muessig


  1. Jeff Miller
  2. Mark Gehringer
  3. Iain Wallace


  1. Buddy Howlett
  2. Brian Beard
  3. Barry Ortner


  1. Wayne Schlosser
  2. Anthony Mireles
  3. Jose Murillo


  1. Bob Smither
  2. Nofal Musfy
  3. Michael Haviland

Age Groups (Female)

29 and Under

  1. Kate Papenburg
  2. Kimberly Palacios
  3. Melinda Coen


  1. Tracie Akerhielm
  2. Julie Koepke
  3. Monica Egner


  1. Sherry Scott
  2. Shannon Warning
  3. Becky Nesbitt


  1. Becky Howlett
  2. Jacqueline Nolen
  3. Dawn Burris


  1. Marla Hendricks
  2. Anesha Godden
  3. Nancy Holcomb


  1. Thelma Richardson

TEAM Championship

1st Overall - Golden Triangle Strutters

2nd Overall - Houston Area Trail Runners

3rd Overall - Team RWB

Volunteer Award

1st Overall- James Limbaga

2nd Overall - Tina Barr

3rd Overall - Kurt Bush

Lead Foot Award Winners

Tracie Akerhielm, Misty Johns, Amy Kelly, Becky Howlett, Martha Hilton, Mary Abernathy and Nancy Holcomb.

Jeff Ball, Matt Zmolek, Chris Hamilton, David Tomfohrde, Buddy Howlett, Marc Henn and Brian Beard.

The link below is to all of the information for all of the series.