Christina Labay_TROT.jpeg

Christina Labay is one of the coolest people you will ever meet on and off the trails! Not only is
she an avid TROT and No Fine Print Ambassador, Christina ups her “cool factor” by being a
badass IT developer/coder for some of the largest companies in the US. While not running
trails, you can find Christina hanging out with her husband as they continue to find new

10 Questions with Christina:

What’s the most useless talent you have?
Can I go with anti-talent? I’m 31 years old and can’t whistle. Like, not even a little bit. What’s up
with that?

What is the dumbest way you have been injured?
About 13 years ago I was heating up a bowl of food in the microwave, one of those ones that is
mounted above the counter, and when I pulled the bowl out it was way too hot to handle (too
cold to hold) and I dropped it. The food inside shot up from the impact and ended up landing on
me. I ended up with third degree burns on my palms and down my entire left forearm. The scar
is mostly gone. It gets noticeable when I tan!

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve read or seen this week?
Code. All I read is code. And how to code better. Haha. Life of a developer.

What is the most distant place you’ve visited?
My husband and I drove from Normandy to Belgium a couple months ago.
Fun fact: French gas station food is incredible.

Favorite running shoes
Altra Escalante. So cozy. Toe room for days.

Favorite time of day to run
There’s something beautiful about starting your run before 5am, when every logical person is
still sleeping.

Favorite song on your playlist
I can’t make a playlist to save my life, but lately I can’t get enough of Lights’ version of Nice For
What, and any song by Jonie Mitchell makes me happy.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
Paying for college without taking a loan. It was miserable, but definitely worth it. I had that goal since I was a wee-one.

Favorite ice cream flavor
Ice cream destroys me but Tillamook -Oregon Strawberry is the bees knees, ankles, and toes.

What trait do you like most about yourself?
My complete willingness to suffer in order to achieve big goals. Not to say every goal entails
suffering, but usually they require some sort of sacrifice, right?