Meet Stephen Moore Team TROT Ambassador

Stephen Moore

1- Going into 2016 is to get healthy 1st after a injury late in 2015 and focus on getting as prepared as I can for Leadville Trail 100.  I'll run as many TROT races as I can ending 2016 back at Brazos Bend for hopefully another 100 mile finish. 


2- I've been running seriously for 2 years. I tried it for a few months in 2013 but it didn't stick.  I started running because I wanted to change my life.  Someone told me once to get a hobby so after running some in the Air Force years ago I thought why not? Once I got on trails and shortly after discovering Ultra's I was hooked and now sink most of my life around this great sport. 


3- My most recent finish that I'm proud of was Pumpkin Hollar 100. I had pacers but went without a crew and other than turning a ankle bad 70 miles in, I had a really cool day. 


4- I recently got back into the gym pretty heavy.  Like 6 days a week.  I tried it some in 2015 and it helped but when I stopped is when I eventually wound up getting hurt. Core & Strength training is so under rated and I'm fortunate enough to have a coach that pushes me hard to go get that extra work in daily. 


5- To pay for my running I'm a product support rep for a heavy equipment company. Basically I try to solve issues with customers and/or my employer.  It's a cool gig n allows me some freedom to stick to a training plan with my run    My other passion outside of running is live music. I love the independent bands where guys just scrape by playing songs that they've written.